Saturday Evening

Larry Watts

Born: March 30, 1936
Died: March 11, 2016

The heavy rain/flood has done much damage throughout our area.  Countless volunteers have been working since before the heavy rain got her and are still working.  Churches and other organizations are helping.  The area Baptist Churches will be meeting tomorrow at 3:00 at the missions office in Franklinton to organize plans for helping.  You are welcome to attend the meeting a participate in some of the work that is to follow.

Two churches of the many churches that had heavy damage are Mt. Nebo east of Roseland and Stateline Baptist Church in Washington Parish .  Mt. Nebo did not have flood insurance.   FBC, Kentwood had water in the basement area and the Lighthouse.  Work has already been done to improve the situation there.  Sunday School classes will probably be relocated in the morning.  Also, the AC has been used to help dry out water, so be prepared for it to be cooler than usual in the sanctuary.

Please pray for Mt. Nebo and Stateline churches and all the others that I do not about yet. Be available to do what you can to help them and for all the individual families throughout our area that were flooded 

Thank God for all those who stepped up/in to help beginning with the first drops and continuing as long as needed.  Thank God that for safety of thousands of people over the last few days.