“A new command I give you:

Love one another.

As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

~John 13:34~


Today’s request is from Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Harrell:  “Miss” Annie Bell’s sister, Mary Amanda Rice, fell and broke her wrist and hip.  She has had surgery, but is not responding.  Please pray for Mrs. Rice and her family.

Today, let’s pray for the workers in our area hospitals and nursing homes.  Pray they will be aware of needs other than the ones written in a patient’s folder.  Pray they will be gentle and kind to each patient, just as they would to their own loved one.  Pray for them to have extra energy to channel into enthusiasm and encouragement for those to whom they minister.

Also, let’s thank God for and pray for the personnel of various funeral homes.  We have experienced the services of four in the last two or three weeks.  What an awesome opportunity they have to minister to and share with families they have!  Let’s pray that they have the right words at the right times, especially with families who do not know the One who loves them most.


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Scripture Writing – I John 4:13-16

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How is God planning to use you today?  The answer to this question may not be clear this morning.  Keep your ears, eyes, and heart open.  He will work through you if you allow it to happen!

Anna Lee