I want to know Christ—

yes, to know the power of his resurrection

and participation in his sufferings,

becoming like him in his death,

and so, somehow,

attaining to the resurrection from the dead.

Philippians 3:10-11


This morning, I’m only including four requests, but they are big ones.

  1. Karen (Curtis) Callihan Dykes – Having her second heart valve replacement this morning.  (Karen Sue and I grew up in Roseland and attended church together.)
  2. Corrine Watson – “Miss” Corrine has cancer and will be at Mary Bird Perkins and Ochsner of New Orleans for treatment.  (Her husband and my daddy both worked for the telephone company.  I knew her children from school in Amite.)
  3. Robbie Lynn Callihan Kirby – The last report I had was that she was still not feeling well.  She is in Jackson.  (Robbie Lynn’s grandfather and Karen Sue’s dad were brothers.)
  4. Mark Billings – Surgery (Sorry folks, I don’t know this man, but I know many of you do.)  Pray for him, his family, and the medical staff.


Today, I’m so thankful for my husband who conducted the memorial service for his sister’s son-in-law.  It was perfect because it caused everyone to remember Randy so well and pointed everyone to Jesus, the one who can comfort and save them.  Randy was 67 years old.  I pray the message touched hearts and lives among Randy’s friends and family.


Scripture Writing Psalm 27:5-8


Devotional and a Song 


Be a light for Jesus in your part of the world today!

Anna Lee