“This will be the sign for you:

You will find a baby wrapped snugly in cloth

and lying in a feeding trough.”

~Luke 2:12, HCSB~


Johnny “Lil Man” Santangello is having some difficult days.  Please pray for him and his family as they sit with him this Christmas season.

Mr. James Miller started another five days of injections yesterday.  He needed a unit of platelets, but did not need blood.  Pray for him and his drivers as they make trips Tuesday-Thursday and again Monday.  Then, his next round of injections is scheduled to begin January 19th.  Pray for “Miss” Mary too.

David will be having a PET scan at noon to check out something that showed up on a recent CAT scan.  Pray for us as we wait for results.



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Merry, merry Christmas!  Find ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus with family and friends this week.

Anna Lee