“He sent the message to the Israelites,

proclaiming the good news

of peace through Jesus Christ–

He is Lord of all.”

~Acts 10:36, HCSB~

Macy Gueldner 

We celebrated WEEK 100 this week! Macy is on the 100th week of her 3rd phase of treatment. Tomorrow she begins week 101 with her very last doses of vincristine and dex. This is pretty “big time” for her. These are the meds (chemo and steroid) that give her bone and nerve pain. We are happy for her to be kicking these two to the curb! Now, she only has 19 more weeks left of methotrexate and mercaptopurine (6mp.)

She’s been feeling well, but those nasty mouth sores never really go away anymore. Although you wouldn’t know it unless she gives you a good look in her mouth (which is rare.) Please pray that these last doses of vinc/dex aren’t too hard on her this weekend. We’re all ready to enjoy a good holiday. Merry Christmas from Team Macy.

Johnny Belgard’s new liver was working well at bedtime last night.  I’ve been checking my phone for an update, but nothing yet.  I’ll post one when I get one.  I’m certainly thanking God Johnny was able to have the new liver and all seemed to be going well.

Shelton Day, one of our neighbors, is hospitalized because his potassium level is too high. Please add him to your prayer list.

Ora Lee Wilson told me her grandson, Brandon, has been getting some good reports.  Let’s thank God Brandon did not really have the problems the doctors suspected at first.

Harrell Sharkey and his family learned his cancer is only in one location and can be successfully removed with surgery, which will be in January.  Thank God for another good report.

It is wonderful to be able to share all good updates this morning!

Read the Bible in 2015Psalm 143-145

Scripture WritingMatthew 2:7-12


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering –  After two weeks, FBC, Kentwood has reached 45% of the goal set for this year.  I can hardly wait until I can report we have surpassed our goal!

Two websites to read and enjoy:



Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Special opportunities for the coming week:

  • Thursday – Third Thursday at the Cabin – 6:30 – Come hear and sing Christmas music this month.
  • Friday – Bible study of “John” at 10 A.M. in the FBC fellowship hall
  • Saturday and Sunday – Combined choirs of FBC,K and EFBC along with an orchestra present “Majesty of Christmas” at FBC, K at 6 P.M.



I’ll be glad to share special events at other churches if you send me the information.

Anna Lee