“Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign:

The virgin will conceive,

have a son,

and name him Immanuel.”

~Isaiah 7:14, HCSB~

Please continue to pray for Johnny Belgard.  He has had some very difficult days lately. Pray he will be strong enough to be a candidate for a transplant.

Linda Johnson continues to have hip and walking issues.  Please pray for her.

“Miss” Bessie Hayden moved wrong, but didn’t fall.  She did have some issues with her hip and legs, but is getting better.  Say a prayer for her.


Bible Study of “John” will NOT meet tomorrow.  I’ll let you know when we will meet.


Read the Bible  in 2015Revelation 7-11

Scripture WritingPsalm 95: 1-7

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 


Share these exciting numbers with your church as your remind them that 100 percent of the offering supports missionaries.
Last year they reported:

1.75 million people heard a gospel witness

275,000 became new believers

14,000 new churches and 4,000 new groups were formed

21,000 leaders were trained to start new churches

444,263 nationals met in on-going Bible studies

These numbers and more are reported in the 2014 Annual Statistical Report at

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


There will be many Christmas programs in our area schools and churches.  Do some investigating to see where you want to be in the coming days.  How would God have you to spend your holidays?  

Anna Lee