Above all, you must understand

that no prophecy of Scripture

came about by the prophet’s own interpretation. 

For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man,

but men spoke from God

as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

~2 Peter 1:20-21~

Update on David Wickham

David had a good day yesterday and today. They gave him Lasix to reduce the fluid around his lungs.  He was able to sit in the chair from 9:30 – 4:30.  The OT, PT and RT  worked with him today. He also walked several steps.  He now has a pain pump which seems to work better at distributing his pain meds rather than having a good hour and then wearing off.  His oxygen saturation rate is holding as they slowly decrease his oxygen. He has gone from 100% oxygen to 60%.  We are praising God for the progress and for our prayer warriors lifting us up.  Looking forward to a good day tomorrow.

Update on Flo Hatcher

Flo Hatchers Thursday evening update brought to you by peppermint oil — the whole house smells like it. My mom had a rough day with nausea and vomiting despite the plethora of medicines she has taken. The nurse just left after my mom finally finally fell asleep. We put peppermint oil on her throat and her belly and also on her hip because she’s in pain there. I put peppermint oil in a diffuser too. My mom was suppose to have a couple of her long-time friends over tonight and she was excited because she hasn’t seen them in awhile. She even smiled last night and said absolutely when I asked if she was up for a visit. Well needless to say that reunion has been postponed. This is just so bizarre, surreal and crazy that this has become our life. Wow. Irene Clement is the best caregiver a person could ever ask for. That’s her God given talent–loving and caring for others. She’s asleep on the side of my mom right now. Pray for a calm night……

Chinero’s dad, Buddy Harrison

Please keep this family in your prayers.

Update on Barbara Hutchinson

“Miss” Barbara is now at North Oaks Rehab in Hammond.  She is beginning to feel better.  This move in a step closer to getting back home.

Coach Newman (Parklane)

This is an update from about an hour ago from the Mother of Coach Newman. ( The first year teacher from Parklane ) Please keep the prayers coming.

Christopher is getting lots of therapy these days. He has an occupational, physical, speech, and respiratory therapist. He is breathing on his own again, but does still have the trachea. He has gotten to sit in an upright position for the last three days for an hour each time. He is still moving legs, arms, blinking, yawning and swallowing. He just hasn’t woke up. Our room is 60 degrees, so it gets cold to me at night. They keep it this cold for the vent and infection purposes. He is sweating though and this means the brain is healing. His fever and vitals are all good. Regency is a great place to be in St Dominic’s Hospital. Everyone is so positive. The staff thinks he should make a full recovery because he is so healthy and young. Please keep praying BELIEVING. Tonight I am at home cooking supper. My mom and aunt are with him. This is the first night to eat at home, since this all started. Love all of you. I just can’t wait until he is home eating supper too.

Coach Newman is responding to many requests, but has not been able to wake up yet.  Please pray for this young man, his doctors, his friends, and his students and co-workers.

Update on Josh Yarborough

Josh is still doing well following hip surgery.  He is at home and looking forward to being able to walk in a few months.

Robbie Lynn C. Kirby

Robbie Lynn is going through another difficult time.  Her family is spending a lot of time with her.  Pray for her and her family.



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What time is it?

Operation Christmas Child Time!

Today – Preparation for packing party begins at 10:00 today

Tomorrow – Packing Party begins at 6 P.M.

  • Fellowship Hall
  • Wear Christmas colors
  • Bring Christmas snacks
  • Get in the Christmas (giving) spirit!


Thank-you for reading and praying each day!

Anna Lee