“In this the love of God was made manifest among us,

that God sent his only Son into the world,

so that we might live through him.”

~1 John 4:9, ESV~


Day 2 of the Week of Prayer for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering – “Churches Share the Task”

David and I had  an opportunity to speak with Joe Easley last night.  He expressed his thanks to those who prayed for him even when the doctor told him he “should had died”. He was so thankful to be back in church for two weeks.

Please pray for Bobby Simpson who will again be having some tissue removed from his shoulder.  Pray that this will be the time they remove enough to get a clear pathology report showing the margins are clear.  Thank God that Betty Simpson‘s back is better and she is able to be of more assistance to her husband when she is needed.

Pat (Mrs. James) Frazier is dealing with knee surgery.  Pray all goes well and she can return to her active life.

Jane (Mrs. Donald) Duncan will be having elbow surgery today.  Pray the surgery and recovery process work out well for her.

Mrs. Hazel Smith was able to be back in Sunday School yesterday.  Tomorrow, she will see a cardiologist in Covington.  Join others in praying.

Frances Imogene Clemons
  • December 15, 1912 – November 28, 2014
  • Hammond, Louisiana

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

A short, inspiring story (with pictures)

I’m getting in the spirit of Christmas.

  • The Lottie Moon Tea was the biggest and best one yet.
    • Absolutely beautiful!  (Thanks Fay, Ruth, and others)
    • 87 (That’s not a typo!) signed in
    • Music that put us in a happy, Christmas spirit (Well done Diane Simmons and friends of Osyka and children of East Fork !)
    • Skits that put us in the giving spirit (Well done, children and youth of East Fork and New Zion!)
    • Monologue that reminded us of Lottie’s heart desire to tell others about Jesus.  (Well done Irene Lascaro of Amite!)
    • Excited and careful tea girls (Children and youth from Bethel, Amite, Kentwood, Spring Creek, East Fork, and Osyka)
    • Christmas cards stamped and ready for prisoners (Spring Creek provided the most cards.)
    • Food prepared by ladies of several different churches.
    • Kentwood ladies who “manned” the kitchen before, during, and after the tea.
    • Adults, youth, and children from Bethel, East Fork, New Zion, Kedron, Amite, Spring Creek, and Kentwood attended.
    • My favorite, most touching moment was seeing everyone turn to a neighbor, join hands, and pray for specific missionaries celebrating birthdays yesterday!
    • What a blessing to have been involved in this special event!

Christmas music made its appearance in our churches yesterday.  It was a blessing to attend a Fifth Sunday Singing last night and hear people of all ages gladly get up and sing a Christmas carol or hymn.

David and I welcomed the real meaning of Christmas into our lives for 2014.  It wasn’t in a mall or sitting in front of a computer making purchases, but in God’s Houses.  I hope you have Jesus as the center of your Christmas plans!

Anna Lee