“Remember how far you have fallen.

Return to me and change the way you think and act,

and do what you did at first.”

~Revelation 2:5~

Mrs. Martha Traylor

“Miss” Martha continues to have problems with her medications.  She will be transferred to another hospital so this problem can be worked out.

Jadon’s Story


Heath Rohner’s Dad

Heath’s dad was admitted to the hospital last night.  He’s better now.  Tests are being done.  Keep the family in your prayers.

Mrs. Iris Cunningham

“Miss” Iris’ wake will be at Roseland Baptist Church from 12:00 until the 2:00 service Wednesday.  She will be missed by many.

Daily Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Words that Help and Heal”


Inspirational Stories – “The Loser who Never Gave Up”


Hymn of the Day – “Never Alone” (one of my favorites)


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering – “Jungle Life”


January Bible Study

Rev. Gibby McMillan will be leading the January Bible Study at New Zion Baptist Church.  This will begin Sunday Evening at 6:30 P.M. and continue through Wednesday evening.  You are invited to join them.

We are doing fine on this 15 degree morning, thanks to David watching over the plants, the animals, and me.  I trust you are okay too!  If you need anything, please give us a call.

Anna Lee