Saturday Afternoon

Patrick Hoosier

Dad’s (Pat) 3 weeks of radiation is finished and he is doing amazingly well. His cancer is stable so the doctors will keep a close watch

on him and it is all in Gods hands. We continue to pray for a lot of time to pass before he will need to start chemo again. We are so thankful

for the awesome time God has given our family and continues to give us on our journey.

Austin Rose

Well it happened again.. Austin spiked a fever last night and we ended up back in the hospital. STUPID FEVERS!! I guess that’s just the cycle.

But we had 5 days home instead of 4 like last time so we are getting better!

Pray for Jimmy Dufrene (granddad to Lara of Lara’s Gowns for Smiles) as he has an angiogram Monday and possibly stents.

“Connected” was wonderful today.  It is such a blessing to see ladies from many area churches gather to learn more about missions and learn

how to teach missions to others.

Lynn Huff, husband of Ann Huff, passed away.  I’ll post arrangements when they are available.



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