“Be careful how you think;

your life is shaped by your thoughts.”

~Proverbs4:23 TEV~

Pray for the little children:

  • Pray for Rafe Cutrer and his mother as they begin Rafe’s treatment Monday.  We will have the opportunity to hear about his treatment and how we can pray this morning during worship service.
  • Facebook – Prayers for Eli
  • Facebook – The Adventures of Connor Man

Missions – Pray for the ministry to the Roma this week.  From Boyd Hatchel –

Thank you for praying – “The grace of God and the prayers of the saints sustain us.” (David E. Crosby, FBC New Orleans). In Jelsava, Slovakia with Julie Edon SilbyJoe Silby and family, Roma from Czech Republic, Slovakia, and students from USA.

The Hatchels and Silbys are missionaries to the Roma.  The MKs will be very helpful in ministering to the children and as interpretors.  Pray Roma will come to trust in God this week.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Welcome to All”

Inspiration – A Moment of Valor – “Medal of Honor: Sammy Davis” 

Don’t forget three VBSs this week – Osyka, Line Creek, and New Zion.  I think Roseland will begin the following week.

Reminder – Meeting of those interested in helping with “Connected” this afternoon at 4:00 in the Heritage room.  Your help is needed to make this state women’s ministry meeting a success.

Make the most of your opportunities this week.

Anna Lee

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