Monday Addition

From JoEllen Carruth

So very thankful right now. Daryl (Carruth) fell … while working on some hay equipment and really hurt his hip. Just left hospital and it is not broken just really bad bruise. Hay season is always full of injuries in our parish so you guys need to be careful.

Mrs. Susie Wales

Thanks for all the prayers and support during Mom’s recent return to the hospital. The doctor was able to put her hip back in place with quick success. She is in a special hip brace that gives added support to the hip and knee. She is on limited weight bearing with her right hip, having to walk on her right toes and use the walker to carry her weight on that side. She is to continue this for a minimum of six(6) weeks. Home health therapy will be every day for most of that time. She is back with Kathy and I until the doctors tell her she can return to normal walking and no brace, 3 to 6 months. Continue to pray for her healing, recovery and her attitude as she has to put up with us and our crazy schedule this summer. Her motto is “fight, fight, fight.” She is determined to make it through this.
In Christ,
Two deaths to mention:
  • Mrs. Fannie Stringfield – Kentwood

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