“The Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink,

but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

~Romans 14:17 NLT~

Continue to pray for Austin Rose.  He had his first treatment for leukemia yesterday  and will celebrate his 17th birthday tomorrow (Friday).

Lea Smith is doing well following his eye surgery for cataracts.  Wanda Smith is wearing a “boot” as a last resort before facing surgery on her foot.  Pray God directs her in the proper path to healing.

Pray for Robbie Lynn to have a good day today.

Andy Taylor’s sister, Cindy Juban, is scheduled to meet with the surgeon so work on her tumors can begin.

Mrs. Mary Womack is home.  Pray she has a good day today.

Chase Birch is doing well following surgery on his right (pitching) arm.  Continue to pray for him.

Mrs. Ruth Cutrer is doing well following her surgery.  Pray she continues to improve.

Continue to pray for Susan Rimes.  She is very uncomfortable as she deals with kidney stones a little longer.

Continue to pray for Melissa Johnson.  Most of us cannot imagine having two broken arms and facing a big feeling of helplessness.

Devotional – Our Daily Bread – “Let’s Stick Together”

Inspiration – A Moment of Hope – “The Patriot Guard” –

Line Creek Baptist Church will be celebrating their VBS Commencement tonight at 6:30.  Thank God for another opportunity for children to learn about God, to have fun while doing so, and have the opportunity to accept Jesus in their hears.

What opportunities will you create today to do something meaningful for someone?

Anna Lee

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