Saturday Evening

I have two deaths to share and a request to make.  All of these involve people from Amite.

1.  Denise Labarbara Rose, who grew up in Amite, requests pray for her son, Austin.  This is the latest information from her.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all of the prayers! Austin has been feeling poohy for about 5 days. Finally, after seeing that a rash had developed, took him to emergent care. Ran blood work to check for mono, which was neg, but blood counts haywire and kidney levels off. Taken by ambulance to Scottish Rite. More blood tests but while we wait for results, he is being treated for Rocky Mountain spotted fever and HUS. Keeping him overnight for observation. Please keep praying that he responds to the antibiotics.

2.  Mrs. “Sook” Stevens from Amite passed away today at Hood Memorial.  She has had a lengthy illness, but had a good day yesterday.  I’ll post an obituary when one is available which will probably be tomorrow.  Pray for her family and friends.

3.  Mr. Jack Linzay, formerly of Amite, and a close friend of some of my family members passed away.  He fell and broke a hip a couple weeks ago.  His wife, a former nurse, has kept him going for years when there was little home of his survival.  He passed away this morning, so an obituary is not available yet.  Pray for this family who reside in the Alexandria, LA area now.

Note:  Denise and all her siblings were my former students, as well as several of the Linzay boys.   “Miss Sook” was married to a telephone man who worked with my daddy many years ago.

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