“We give thanks to You, God;

we give thanks to You, for Your name is near.

People tell about Your wonderful works.”

~Psalm 75:1~

Most of us need to improve our attitude of thankfulness.

Millicent (Millie) has made a marvelous recovery from her condition a couple weeks ago.  She is home!  Her family is so thankful.

Connor Corkern is still home.  Pray for him as he deals with his seizure problem and other issues.

Rafe Cutrer is sporting a special chair.  Thank God he has this chair.  Pray for Rafe, Raymond, and Brandy as they also deal with a family life that involves therapy and other things that will help him.

Continue to pray for Robbie Lynn C. Kirby.  She has a number of health issues.

Pray for her dad, Robert, as he has surgery Monday.

Shelton Day is continuing to improve from his heart surgery.

Devotional – “God called to Him…and he said ‘Here am I'” –

Missions – “On Mission” magazine –

Baptist Press –

Third Thursday Meeting – at our cabin tonight at 6:30.  Join us!

God blesses David and me with so many Christian friends, some new to our lives and some who have been our friends for many years.  We value each one.  Thank you for being a part of our lives,

Anna Lee

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