“So faith comes from hearing,

and hearing by the word of Christ.”~

~Romans 10:17, NASB~

Speaking of the Bible, I heard it referred to as a library full on books last night.  I thought that was a good analogy.

Read the Bible in 90 Days: Day 39 (half way!)

Job 42:1 – Psalms 24:10

Mr. Edward McGehee was hospitalized last week, but is home now.  Remember Mr. Ed and “Miss” Jeannette in your prayers.

Mrs. Rena Cutres (100) fell last week.  Pray for her as she recovers.

Mrs. Helen Robertson (95) has recovered nicely from her broken hip and is now able to get to church with a caregiver.  Thank God for the progress of this amazing lady.

I got to visit with Mrs. Betty Bethel in Amite yesterday.  She looks good and missed people in this area.

Mrs. Magdeline Ford is doing well with her treatments.  Keep praying for her.

World Hunger: The Horn of Africa (Drought Crisis)

Pray for the people in the Hattisburg area the experienced the tornado and for those in the northeast with all the snow.

A little rain doesn’t cover up the Sonshine!

Anna Lee

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