Pray for the local guys in the National Guard who are headed to Afghanistan again.  Included in that number are Dawson and Chris (Dawson’s nephew) Primes.  They go to serve because of the love they have for those here in the States.  Pray for this group on a regular basis.

From Jeanne B. Tate

Please pray for a two year old girl, Laney Wilson.  She was born with a rare
brain disorder.  One of the problems is that is causes her sodium levels to
rise.  That is happening right now.  She is in the ICU in McComb, Ms.  If it
gets too high she can have seizures and at the worst a coma.  They have to
bring it down slowly or she could have seizures for going down too fast.
Her family would appreciate your prayers.  Thank you for your prayers.  May
the Lord be glorified.

From Frances Gay

Jim (Walley) is having surgery Monday at 7 a m (in Baton Rouge).  Pray that he has a good outcome and also pray for the Drs and caregivers. . . He will be in hospital for 3-4 days.

Jesse Dean‘s surgery went well.  He is home and recovering as expected.  Pray he heals well and the surgery was successful.

Jones Family

IMB: Worth the Risk

90 Day Reading of the Bible

1 Chronicles 10:1 -1 Chronicles 23:32

Baptist Press

Pray for our country!

Anna Lee

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