Friday Evening

I have several updates to add tonight rather than wait until tomorrow.

Mike Moore, husband of a long time friend Robin Wilson Moore, had surgery a year ago for cancer behind one eye.  He had a check-up to see if the cancer had spread.  There is no indication Mike has cancer now.  Join with the family in thanking God for the good year Mike has had and the prospect for more good years.

East Fork Baptist Church will be selling lunches on the 13th to help the youth with camp funds for the summer.  If you would like to purchase some for $7.00 each, please call a member of the church.

Dan Turner is making some good progress.  Getting into a regular room and having more freedom with visitors had to be a bonus after almost four weeks in ICU.  Keep praying for Dan and for his family.

Jadon had his surgery a year ago to remove half his brain and to eliminate the numerous seizures he was having every day.  The family will have a celebration at FBC, Amite next Thursday, Jan. 10th at 5:30.  I’ll post more details later for those who are interested in celebrating with Jadon and his family.

Mr. Philip Harrell had surgery yesterday for a pacemaker and got back home this afternoon about 5:30.  The surgery went well.  Thank God for this good report.

Jones Family

Tomorrow is a day to join in supporting Hobby Lobby as they battle for their beliefs.   Let’s pray for them and show them our support.

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