“This will be the sign for you:

You will find a baby wrapped snugly in cloth and lying in a feeding trough.”

~Luke 2:12, HCSB~

Sunday, FBC, Kentwood will have a schedule change for this Sunday.  Sunday School will begin at 9:00 and church at 10:00.  The choir will again present their Christmas musical, which was fantastic!  There will be no P.M. services.


Walk 27 will happen at Spring Creek school this morning at 8:25.  Dana Hendry asked that I remind you to wear red or green.  Walk 27 is a walk in support of Newtown, CT and an opportunity to pray for something like that not to happen in other elementary schools.


Brian Dugas came home from the hospital yesterday.  Thank-you for praying for him.


Johnnie Smith is home from the hospital after having a heart procedure.  He’s very weak.  Pray for strengthening and complete recovery.


Emma Bankston had a good day yesterday visiting with lots of company.  Pray for continued healing.


Robbie Lynn C. Kirby has been running a fever for months.  Doctors have been unable to figure out why this is happening.  Pray for a diagnosis and proper treatment soon.


Dan Turner slept most of the day yesterday because of pain medication.  Pray he has a good day today and continues to improve.


There was a bad wreck on highway 16 west of Amite.  I will not post the name of the person who lost their life yet, but will post the obituary when it becomes available.


Baptist Press News


Connecting in Beijing

We will have our Third Thursday group meeting at the cabin tonight at 6:30.  If you have been coming, don’t forget to come tonight.  If you haven’t been coming, please come and be blessed.  If you need more information, contact me via telephone or computer.

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Anna Lee

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