“Come to Me,

all you who labor and are heavy laden,

and I will give you rest.”

~Matthew 11:28~

Pray for Joe Moore of Arcola who has some very serious health issues.

Faye Chadwick Todd appreciates the prayers for her husband, Jim.

Just to say how blessed Jim and I am to have so many friends and family praying for Jim during his surgery and recovery. Jim had a pretty extensive surgery with his kidney. He had a tumor the size of a golf ball. Dr. Thomas had a hard time removing the tumor from the kidney. He saved as much of the kidney as he could. Surgery took longer than anticipated. He had a reaction to some of the pain medicine and then started running a very high fever. Thankfully the fever broke very early this morning. We made it home about 1:30 this afternoon. We are both very tired and plan to rest tonight in our own bead (thank you LORD). Don’t plan to do much for the next few days. God bless each of you for being with us at the hospital and your thoughts and prayers. Jim andFay C Todd

Doc and Dora Magee

I had a letter from Dr. Derry tell about the progress they have made, but can’t find it this morning.  I’ll work on that and post later.

East Fork Baptist Church is having revival which begins at 7:00 each night.  You are invited to attend.

Line Creek is having Awesome Mondays this month.  Tonight’s speaker is Dr. Jimmie Dukes.  You are invited to attend.

Here is a link to Rev. Jason Duke’s website.  You may enjoy reading his thoughts.

Have a great day!  Spend some time praying.

Anna Lee

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