Later Thursday Evening

Jadon’s Story: MRI done now we wait.

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 06:59 PM PDT

Yesterday was a long day but we made it. Our flight left at 6:00 am and we walked on the plane at 5:59. Mommy had me on her hip and Jacob holding her hand running to the runway while daddy got the bags. It was crazy but we made it. Once we got to Baltimore we had time to get a snack and then it was time to load again. We got loaded and on the runway and then they announced we were under an hour delay due to weather. So we finally made it to Boston an hour later than expected. We got to the room and we all took a nap. We had time to go eat dinner at the harbor last night. Everything is so beautiful here. The weather is great this time of the year. In the mid 70s during the day and not cooler than 68 at night. Now on to my test. I made it to the hospital this morning around 10:30. They took me back shortly after 11. Everything was going great and they said they were behind an hour. Well mommy put me to sleep and I slept until they took me back. They gave me my sleepy medicine while I was asleep. When I woke up in recovery my mommy was already there. I did a great job and woke up the first time they tried to get me up. Now we have to wait to find out the results. We see the neurologist first thing Friday morning. I will update you as soon as we know something. The pictures I left are of my brother, mommy, and me at the entrance to the hospital. The other is of my brother and me in our room at the Devin Nicole house. Notice our shirts. My daddy and brother bought it for me at Fenway Park today. I want to thank you for all the support. We can definitely feel your support here. Thanks for praying and please continue to do so. I love you all, Jadon



I forgot to mention that our granddaughter, Peyton, got the cast on her arm yesterday.  It is waterproof!  She can swim, bathe etc. without worrying.  The doctor said she can do anything she feels like doing.  Watch out, world!


My sister just called to say Momma is having some breathing problems now.   She is being moved to a step-down unit, but I don’t know the room number yet.  Keep praying for Momma.



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