“[T]he Son of God came

so we could recognize and understand the truth of God—

what a gift!—

and we are living in the Truth itself,

in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

This Jesus is both True God and Real Life.”

~1 John 5:20 (MSG)~




Jadon’s Story

Feeling better, a new trick, and getting ready for Boston!!

Posted: 18 Jun 2011 12:25 PM PDT

So sorry that I haven’t posted in 10 days. I don’t know where the time has gone. Well I’m feeling much better. I was determined to drink my liquids this time. I stayed out of the hospital and only ran fever for 3 days. Round 2 of adno was much easier than round 1. So what have I been doing? I’m moving all around on my stomach. I keep trying to push up to the crawling position. I will get it soon. All I want to do is get down now. It doesn’t matter where I am, I want to be on the floor. (Yes the baby that used to scream when put down, now wants to be on the floor all the time. Great progress.) I’m able to move wherever I want to go. I either scoot on my stomach or I scoot on my butt. Today my mommy put me in my room. She went to put some clothes in the washroom and when she came back I was in the hall. I’m also able to scoot to someone when I want them to pick me up. It makes my mommy really happy when I scoot to her. I started drinking out of a straw yesterday. I think its hilarious when I do this and I clap for myself. As far as seizures, well you know they just won’t leave me alone. Some days they are so bad that I stop talking and all I want to do is sleep. My neurologist said that we could start going through the medicine list again in hopes that one will work this time. Mommy and daddy decided they didn’t want to do that. So now we are waiting to see if the lamictal will help. So far it hasn’t helped at all. We increase it again on Monday. We leave in 10 days to go to Boston. We are ready to see what my neurologist in Boston has to say. I have made so much progress since the last time he saw me. When you pray for me, please start praying for our Boston trip. I’m leaving you a picture of me playing in the dirt with lightening. Like I said early in the post. I want down and as you can tell the dirt is one of my favorite things to play in 🙂
Mrs. David Lee fell and broke both collarbones yesterday morning.  Please pray for her as she heals.  I believe she is 91 years old.
Heart to Heart with Holley has a blog.  You can find it at
Have a great Lord’s Day.  Have a great Father’s Day!
Anna Lee


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