“If any of you want to come with me,” he told them,

“you must forget yourself,

carry your cross,

and follow me.”

~Mark 8:34 (TEV)~


Please take a few minutes to pray for Margaret Huber and her family.


Mary Prescott stayed at the hospital after her surgery.  Keep Mary and Boots in your prayers.

Jadon’s Story:

Appointment info

Posted: 01 Mar 2011 05:33 PM PST

I know it’s been a couple of days but we have just been trying to enjoy things and not think about seizures. I don’t have a real good count on how many I’m having because we haven’t been counting. We’ve been counting for over a year and we needed a break. I’m estimating about 60-80. We do know they have increased 😦 The good news is we haven’t seen any like the ones we had to go to the hospital for. We are seeing that type of seizure, it’s just not as long or intense as before. I went to the neurologist today. I didn’t get to see my neurologist because she had to leave due to a family emergency right before we got there. The neurologist that we saw increased my vimpat some more. We will see how I do. It’s almost like the vimpat is making one type of seizure better and my spasms worse. I really don’t know yet. We will definitely know in a few days. My neurologist is going to call me when she gets back so we will see what she has to say. So not much information today. I will keep you posted on how I do this week. Please continue to pray for me. I left you a picture of me at the mardi gras parade. I loved it!!!!


FBC, Kentwood will be providing lunch for the BCM (Baptist Collegiant Ministry) at SLU today.  Pray lots of students come for jambalaya and to her the brief devotional.  We thank God for this opportunity to minister to college students.  If you know a SLU student, tell them to come for some of Marty’s jambalaya.  It will be good!


I have a young cousin whose father-in-law passed away last night in Ohio.  Join me in thanking God he is in Heaven.  Pray for the England family in the loss of Sherman Roger England.


“At the name of Jesus every knee should bow…” Philippians 2.10
Mike Benson, Editor

A WOMAN PUT an ad in the local paper: “Lost 50 pounds! Selling my fat clothes – they’re in good condition, sizes 18-20…”

She was bombarded with phone calls, but nobody wanted to buy her fat clothes.  They all wanted to know how she had lost the 50 pounds.

You see, the callers wanted to know about something that had changed her life hoping that this something could change their lives too!

That’s what folks outside of Christ are really looking for.  They want to know if Jesus really works in your life.  Jeff Strite

“Let your light so shine before men,

that they may see your good works

and glorify your Father in heaven.”

~Matthew 5.16; cf. 2 Cor. 3.2~


They wanted to know the plan.  The plan was Jesus dying for us so we could go to our Heavenly 
home when we no longer live on this earth like Mr. England did!  Do you know the plan?
Anna Lee

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