Thursday @ Noon

Update from Emily Panter’s mom, Janis:

While we were at Jason’s, we put the pictures on our camera onto a disk so that we’d be sure to have room for more pictures and seeing this one of Sarah surprised me. I had taken pictures of Sarah just as soon as I got to Emily’s house on October 28 and had forgotten the pictures of the kids were still on the camera. Seeing Emily holding Sarah in the picture, it brought that day back very forcefully to me. I thought, “less than an hour later, everything changed!”. I thank and praise our Lord again for all that He did those closing months of 2008.
I was thankful yesterday as I talked to Emily for a long time on the
phone. She said she is really sore after sitting up so much over the
Christmas holidays. Food is beginning to taste “right” to her again,
and she said that she has figured out that now when she feels
nauseated it means she’s getting hungry. Of course, feeling
nauseated doesn’t make you feel like eating, but she forces herself
to eat a little. At her follow up visit with Dr. Spak last week, she
asked him when she could drive and he said the rule is usually 3
days for every day in ICU, so she figures she might be able to drive
in May!
We all know her recovery will be long and slow, but none of us mind!
Our plan is for me to return to Texas sometime soon to help.
I am so thankful that we were able to visit Jason, Cheryl and their
children in Germany. It was a trip of a lifetime for me!
Most of all, I am thankful that our Lord holds 2009 in His hand;
nothing that happens will surprise Him or catch Him off guard.
Our future is secure!

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