Thursday Night

Big 10 from teamromany July 2008

1. Thank you for praying for Lisa Kail and her team Gibson County, Tennessee who lead a camp from Romany youth in Romania June 29-July 5. Earlier this week I spoke with two young people who attended the camp and they commented on the excellent Bible study times. The campers especially enjoyed holding block parties in communities around the camp facility. Pray for those who heard the gospel presented during these events.

2. FARM students depart for their ministry locations this week. The three who are serving with Boyd and Jennie have already arrived and are hard at work. Please pray for all of the Romany summer missionaries as they serve this summer. Pray that their ministry will strengthen existing work and lead to new areas of openness.

3. International World Changers (IWC) volunteer teams will serve with teamromany in both Romania and Czech Republic this summer. We will have nearly 300 students serving alongside us. Pray for the students as they minister in Romany communities. Pray that all of the logistics for these large teams will go smoothly.

4. Thank you for praying for the Banks family as they moved to Braila, Romania. Please continue to pray for them as they study language and pray about how and where God wants them to minister.

5. Please pray for Katie Steele, a student summer missionary from Missouri who is serving in the Czech Republic. Pray that she will develop meaningful relationships with Romany girls that will allow her to share her faith.

6. Thank you for praying for the Silby family. They have arrived in the Czech Republic. Pray for them as they adjust to living overseas, get settled and begin to study the language. Pray for the Silbys and Jennie Hatchel and her children as they travel to Ostrava Saturday to join Boyd in working with the IWC teams there for the next two weeks.

7. Thank you for praying for us as we looked for an apartment for the Silby family. We found a nice apartment in a great location (downtown) close to a tram stop, two grocery stores, the language school, and the Brno Baptist church.

8. Please continue to pray for American students who will attend Lifeway’s Centrifuge camps this summer. Their missions’ emphasis will be on the Roma. Pray that those who attend will learn more about the Roma, be encouraged to pray more for the Roma, and will give generously to the missions offering.

9. Please pray for Daniel as he has just returned to Romania after months in the US. Thank God for the opportunities he has had to share about God’s work among the Roma while in the US. Pray for Daniel’s strength and energy as he is hosting 3 volunteer teams in the first three weeks he is back on the field.

10. Please continue to pray for Cornel and Erica as they make plans to be married next month. Pray for Erica’s strength and health as she has been sick lately.

I’ll post the Friday Prayer Link Friday afternoon.

Until then, God bless!

Anna Lee

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