“Continue earnestly in prayer,

being vigilant in it with thanksgiving.”

~Colossians 4:2~



Thank-you for praying for the Hatchels as they attended AGM and traveled to and from the meeting. They are safely back at home.

LAST FRONTIER. On a recent trip to the countryside, it was quite an adventure for a group of young female teachers to see where their university students really live. Here’s what these workers among this Last Frontier people group had to say: “The place we went was basic, to say the least. There was no electricity, no bathrooms, no showers, and no running water. We even slept outside under a mosquito net. Amid such tremendous poverty, it was incredible to see how much the villagers would spend and sacrifice to make offerings to the spirits. But the poverty wasn’t what was so disheartening about that place; it was the darkness. It seems like the city where we work has a way of disguising the lostness of our people, but in the countryside, it was much more evident.” Pray that those who live in such darkness and fear will hear about the Light of the world. Pray that every village in this country will have a gospel witness.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My word “shall not return to Me void,

But it shall accomplish what I please.”

~Isaiah 55:11a, NKJV~

Dear Intercessors, this is Eleanor Witcher of the International Prayer Strategy Office, thanking the Lord with you for His Word.

Workers in Berlin are rejoicing over a man who received a Bible in the mail. Included was an invitation to a Bible study in an immigrant neighborhood of Berlin. He was thrilled that there was a group that met and spoke his mother tongue. Please pray that this man who is seeking will continue to come and learn about Jesus Christ.

J signed up for a Bible raffle during an outreach event in Buenos Aires in late 2007. Over the months, he has developed a friendship with missionary Jason Frealy, and recently he prayed a prayer of forgiveness. This business owner is a man of influence, with many friends, employees and family members. Please pray for J’s new faith, and pray for his influence to bring others to the same saving faith.

In Senegal, a volunteer team gave a Bible to a young girl. The next day, she came back and told them she did not know how to use the Bible because she never had one before. The volunteers showed her how to study God’s Word. They now ask you to intercede for this young girl as the Holy Spirit guides her. Pray that she will trust Jesus as Savior.

There are those in Algeria who have done everything in their power to limit the spread of the gospel. However, there are also many brothers and sisters who are continuing to work despite the resistance. Workers write: “When asked how we could help them continue the work, they replied that they needed more Bibles. … Ask God to find a way for these Bibles to reach the ones who truly need to read the truth of God.”

* Please pray for seekers to accept Jesus.

* Intercede for those boldly distributing Bibles, no matter the risk.

* Thank the Lord that His word will not return void.

Deacon Hospital Ministry – June 22-28

  • Jimmy Williams
  • James Rimes

Nursery Volunteers – June 22

  • Nancy Stokes
  • Scott & Kristi Womack

Senior Adult Trip to Gatlinburg, TN

  • “Julilee Conference”
  • September 29-October 4
  • Call the church office – 985-229-8111

Beth Moore Living Proof Live Simulcast 2008

  • August 1-2,, 2008 @ FBC, Kentwood
  • Tickets: $25.00 @ FBC, Kentwood


Customer: “I got this problem. You people sent me this install
disk, and now my A: drive won’t work.”

Tech Support: “Your A: drive won’t work?”

Customer: “That’s what I said. You sent me a bad disk, it got stuck
in my drive, now it won’t work at all.”

Tech Support: “Did it not install properly? What kind of error
messages did you get?”

Customer: “I didn’t get any error message. The disk got stuck in
the drive and wouldn’t come out. So I got these pliers and tried
to get it out. That didn’t work either.”

Tech Support: “You did what, sir?”

Customer: “I got these pliers, and tried to get the disk out, but it
wouldn’t budge. I just ended up cracking the plastic stuff a

Tech Support: “I don’t understand sir, did you push the eject

Customer: “No, so then I got a stick of butter and melted it and
used a turkey baster and put the butter in the drive, around the
disk, and that got it loose. I can’t believe you would send me a
disk that was broken and defective.”

Tech Support: “Let me get this clear. You put melted butter in
your A: drive and used pliers to pull the disk out?”

At this point, he put the call on the speaker phone and motioned at the other techs to listen in.

Tech Support: “Just so I am absolutely clear on this, can you repeat
what you just said?”

Customer: “I said I put butter in my A: drive to get your disk out,
then I had to use pliers to pull it out.”

Tech Support: “Did you push that little button that was sticking
out when the disk was in the drive, you know, the thing called the
disk eject button?”

– Silence –

Tech Support: “Sir?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Tech Support: “Sir, did you push the eject button?”

Customer: “No, but you people are going to fix my computer, or I am
going to sue you for breaking my computer.”

Tech Support: “Let me get this straight. You are going to sue our
company because you put the disk in the A: drive, didn’t follow
the instructions we sent you, didn’t actually seek professional
advice, didn’t consult your user’s manual on how to use your
computer properly, instead proceeding to pour butter into the
drive and physically rip the disk out?”

Customer: “Ummmm.”

Tech Support: “Do you really think you stand a chance, since we do
record every call and have it on tape?”

Customer: (now rather humbled) “But you’re supposed to help!”

Tech Support: “I am sorry sir, but there is nothing we can do for
you. Have a nice day.”

Sounds like the mess we sometimes make of our lives. We don’t consult God’s “instruction manual” (the Bible), we don’t call for assistance (pray), we just try to “fix” the problems in our lives by ourselves and in the process do some pretty stupid things.

But there’s one big difference. When we finally reach the point where we realize we’ve made a mess and we humble ourselves in the presence of God, He doesn’t say, “There’s nothing I can do for you.” Rather, He stands ready to help.

“….Be clothed with humility, for ‘God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.’ Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” (I Peter 5:5b-7)

Made a mess of something lately? The “tech support” line is open and ready to take your call.

Alan Smith
Helen Street Church of Christ
Fayetteville, North Carolina

I’m so thankful that heavenly tech support line is aways working! What about you?

Anna Lee

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