Monday Afternoon

Dear prayer partners, Joe and Julie Silby and their children were scheduled to start orientation at the International Learning Center (ILC) this week. However there was an outbreak of the Noro virus at ILC recently and more than 70 people became ill. Directors of ILC have made the decision to close ILC for two weeks to completely disinfect it before beginning a new orientation session. Please pray for the Silbys and others during this delay.


Please pray for missionaries and others that recently became ill with the Norovirus (virus that cause the “stomach flu” or gastroenteritis). They were at the International Learning Center going through orientation. Pray for the ones that are sick that they will recover without any lasting problems. Pray for the cleanup crew that will be disinfecting the ILC buildings. Pray for families waiting to attend orientation that they will not get stressed out by this and as they prepare to head out to all corners of this world to be used by the Lord in his ministry.

Thank you for praying!


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