“And this gospel of the kingdom

will be preached in all the world

as a witness to all the nations,

and then the end will come.”

~Matthew 24:14~

Aaron Hill & Marshall

Noon posting

Frann Smith Clark

We were disappointed last night when the doctors decided not to start feeding Aaron…again. They wanted to see if his chest continued draining fluid and how he handled it. He was irritable and fussy and they didn’t want to give him any more morphine to “see how he handled things.” Apparently that theory didn’t work during the night so he got more drugs to sedate him and they started tiny feeds at 2 a.m.(2 ml per hour-not much). He was getting so upset that his heart rate was up in the high 180s-not a good thing at all. This morning, however, another attending physician was in charge and decided to up his feeds to 5 ml per hour to see if his tummy tolerates it and is happy and to continue steady sedation. We are glad b/c we want him comfortable and fed. Good news is that the fluid from the right side of his chest has pretty much resolved. There was a little fluid building up on the left side of his chest in this morning’s x-ray, but not enough to require a drain. If he keeps doing well today, they MIGHT remove the medication lines to his heart and pacer wires from his chest tomorrow. If they do this and are also able to remove his chest drain, they will probably let us hold him and comfort him when he cries. Of course, as his mother, I think being held and having a full tummy will make him much happier, but I don’t want them to move prematurely if the lines need to stay in. Please pray that the decision will be clear on all these issues.

Please keep praying for Marshall as well. He is still waiting on his new heart.

Mason and Adam Carter

Lawana shared the wonderful news that Mason was baptized at Spring Creek Baptist Church on March 16 and participated in the Easter Drama that week. She is thankful for God to has worked in Mason’s life, to Bro. Danny for investing time in Mason and sharing with him, and to the Spring Creek Baptist Church for accepting him.

Lawana requests prayer for her younger son, Adam, who has an extensive rash and has been running a temperature. Pray this will soon be resolved.

Please pray for Mason as he grows as a Christian and for Adam’s health to improve.



Kids on Mission Pray

March 28, 2008

“Let the little children come to Me, and don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these,” Luke 18:16b

5 Minute English!

We want to find a way to talk with people; so in Japan, we do something fun. We hold signs up at train stations and scream “5 Minute English!” The Japanese stop and we have an English conversation with them, using questions from a book.

The questions usually say things like, “Are you a religious person and why?” This is the most popular way to get their attention. Please pray that the people we met will have a hunger to know God. ASHLEY, age 13 (Pacific Rim)

ABOUT THE PAC RIM We received a lot of prayer requests from children in the Pacific Rim, so this week will focus on that region. Where is it? Well, go to your map and travel halfway around the world. The Pacific Rim region includes the countries of Korea, Japan, all the countries of Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the nations of the South Pacific-lots of islands! More than 800 million people live in the Pacific Rim. THAT’s a bunch! That’s more than two times the number of people in the United States-it’s almost three times. I can’t count that high, can you?


Pray for me and my sister to get along. Please pray that my basketball team will come to know Christ. ADAM, age 11 (Pacific Rim)

Pray for me so that I will have the discipline to learn Thai so I can communicate God’s love to my Thai friends. LUCIUS, age 16 (Pacific Rim)

Can you pray for my family? We are about to go stateside and go to a school there. MADELYN, age 13 (Pacific Rim)

Please pray that I will have a good day at school. And pray for my brother Jake who is in boarding school. JED, age 6 (Pacific Rim)

Sometimes I have trouble with my brother. We can annoy each other. Please pray that I will have a loving heart and that we won’t be so annoying. Also, all my friends have moved. I’m really lonely. Please pray that some people will come and be my friend. HOPE, age 10 (Pacific Rim)

My Prayer request is this: I have met a new friend, KZ, and if everyone would pray that he would email me so that I can share the Gospel with him. ASHLEY, age 13 (Pacific Rim)-yes, the same Ashley who told us about 5 Minute English.Be Born Again

Billy Fraham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham reminds us of the time when Satan tempted Jesus Christ:

He tried to get Him to fall astray. But He did not do it. He was filled with the Holy Spirit; He quoted the Scriptures; He was in prayer. And as a result of all of this, He overcame the devil. And He teaches us that we too can resist the devil and the devil will flee from us. But the first step in your life is to come to know Christ as Lord and Savior. That means you must be born again if you are to see the kingdom of God. You can do that by, first, repenting of your sin right now-that means changing your lifestyle; that means admitting to God that you have sinned-and then turning by faith to Jesus Christ as Lord, Master, and Savior. You can believe now, and the Holy Spirit will come and dwell in your heart.

To begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, call us at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, toll free, at 866-JESUS-CARES. Or click

Jena revival to enter 7th week

The devil is certainly being put in his place in Jena, Louisiana! I hope you have time to read this article and to pray for the same revivals spirit to continue to move in Louisiana, in American, and throughout the world.

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