Friday – Update on Faith and Aaron Hill

Happy Friday to everyone. I understand snow is expected in MS today…how strange. It is hard to believe I have been here in NJ (and PA) for almost 5 weeks now. When mom got home she told me how surprised she was to see all the flowers, grass and spring growth in abundance. I hope the snow leaves quickly so that when Aaron and I get home NEXT WEEK, we can see the spring flowers (or weeds in our yard), too.

Moo went home today, so we are a bit lonely again. Aaron has still been hard on the task of eating well. He has done pretty good adjusting to breastfeeding with an occasional bottle here and there, but he still doesn’t seem to be eating as well as I would like. He doesn’t nurse long enough or seem to take more than 2ish ounces in his bottle. Please pray that he will start doing better and that he will have gained some weight at his visit on Wednesday. Otherwise, they will want to start concentrate his feedings, something we hope to be able to avoid.

Many continued thanks for all of your prayers, cards, emails, calls and posts to the website. My heart is continually warmed in knowing that you all care about Aaron’s heart.

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