Monday – Travel Schedule

Hatchel Family

  • New Orleans -> Chicago (2:42 P.M. -> 5:09 P.M. Friday)
  • Chicago -> Frankfurt (6:53 P.M. -> 10:15 A.M. Saturday)
  • Frankfurt -> Prague (11:50 A.M. -> 12:55 P.M. Saturday)

All times are local to the city they will be in, not our central time.

Pray for them as they:

  • Complete packing and other final tasks here
  • Travel across seven time zones
  • Go through customs in the States and in Europe
  • Travel through four airports
  • Try to make all connections on time
  • Have seating that does not always keep the family together
  • Try to keep up with the maximum amount of luggage
  • Meet colleagues who will bring their vehicle and help with luggage
  • Make a two-hour drive to Brno
  • Adjust to the change of time zones
  • Continue their ministry in the Czech Republic

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