“And…they shall abide,

for now He shall be great to the ends of the earth;

and this One shall be peace.”

Micah 5:4b-5

I hope you have looked around the new site and like the changes. I’m open to suggestions . . .

e alert to the possibility of the bad weather again this morning. Be safe! Pray for those in our area who suffered damage earlier today.

Update on Rusty Williams:
I got a chance to see Rusty when Matt and I were home a couple of weeks ago. He was still bedridden yet out of the hospital and on medication for the infection. They were hoping it wouldn’t be much longer before he was back in his wheelchair.
. . . .
Chablis Tate

Union University will reopen tomorrow. Pray for students, professors, staff, and leadership there as they continue to make adjustments for the tornado damage that was recently done there. Jennie told me the damage repair would be more expensive than that needed at NOBTS after Katrina. Pray they will receive support to rebuild just as NOBTS.

ONESTORY: WEST AFRICA. Please continue to intercede for the three OneStory Team members who recently arrived in Mali to work among the Songhai people. They have been introduced to village life and have already faced interesting situations, such as a bat flying into one of their mosquito nets. Please pray for them as they adjust to life in West Africa and as they seek to learn a new language. Also ask God to provide a local “person of peace” (Luke 10:6) who will welcome them into their new village, assist in local language learning, and be open to the gospel message. Above all, pray that God will continue to draw the 1.7 million Songhai to Himself.

ASIAN INDIANS OF EAST AFRICA. Recently, in the middle of turmoil following the Kenyan elections, a woman on the South Asian Team sat at a local hang-out spot, visiting with her Hindi teacher and the adult daughter. The teacher and her daughter were anxious and fearful, longing for the days before the elections when peace was ever present. The riots and acts of violence throughout Kenya were constantly on their minds. The daughter repeated over and over, “Oh, I just want things to return to the way it was! Where is all this going?” The team member sat, asking the Father for the right words. She explained to her teacher and the daughter the truth of the One and Only. Both the teacher and daughter commented on the peace that seemed to flow from the team member. Then she went on to explain her fixed joy, her fixed peace beyond all understanding, and her fixed love–all of which came from the Son of the Most High. Please join this team in prayer for this Hindi teacher and her entire family to experience the peace that comes from salvation in the One and Only.

CHINA. More than 70 house church pastors were arrested during a large gathering in a northern China province late last year and were detained for periods ranging from 2-3 days to two weeks. When taken into custody, they were fasting to commemorate Jesus’ suffering. Thank God for sustaining them during their internment. Praise God that they are free again. Pray today for all who suffer for His sake, asking Him to strengthen them and use them for His glory.

PAISA OF COLOMBIA (PIE-sah). The only non-evangelical to attend the Christmas Chronological Bible Narrative worship service at a local Baptist church listened attentively to each of the 12 narratives that linked the Bible from the Creation story through the birth of Jesus. At one point, this young man leaned over to his sister, who had invited him, and whispered, “Wow! I have never heard the Bible shared in such a dynamic way. It really comes to life! I wish that my (traditional) church would learn to share the Bible this way.” This young man lives in a major city and is visiting his two sisters while on vacation. Pray that his sisters will continue to engage him in meaningful discussion about the God of the universe and His purposes for him. Petition the Holy Spirit to convict him of sin, righteousness and judgment. May he ask Jesus to be his Lord and Savior and be included in the great banquet Jesus is preparing for those who answer His call to repentance and a new life in Him.

KARACHI, PAKISTAN (kah-RAH-chee). Elections for Prime Minister as well as many provincial and city representatives are scheduled for February 18. Please pray for governmental leaders and citizens this month as people go to polls to vote. Due to the violence surrounding the recent death of Benazir Bhutto and other turmoil in the country, some polling stations and ballot papers were burned. Pray that this violence will not carry over to election day, so that citizens will feel free to go and cast their votes. Lift up the government and political leaders who are elected into office. Ask God to fill them with wisdom.

AUSTRIANS OF AUSTRIA. K and fellow Vienna Team member C are seeking to meet Austrian women through a new fitness program. They are working hard to be certified in the spring, so please pray for consistency in the requirements for certification. They ask: “Pray also for open doors for a place to meet and women whose hearts are hungry for true friendship and a willingness to listen to the gospel presentations that will accompany each class. Pray that we will trust Jesus and look for His hand in working out all the many details that are needed to be successful in this new endeavor.”

UNIVERSITY STUDENTS OF MADRID, SPAIN. Please intercede for two students, C and I, who are reading the Word, asking that this Book will touch their hearts. Pray that their reading will stimulate conversations about the greatest story ever told.

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