Saturday Evening – Hatchels

The Hatchels have less than two weeks before they leave New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and travel back to Brno, Czech Republic. Boyd’s parents from McKinney, Texas are visiting now.

Jennie and Boyd have had many opportunities to speak while they were here. They have many new prayer partners for Team Romany and the ministry to the Roma (Gypsies). They have also had opportunities for visits with extended family and even some vacation time.

The packing process is underway. In addition to suitcases and crates that will go on the plane with them, Jennie has boxes that will be delivered by Bro. Brady, a former youth minister in Kentwood. Brady Haynes has a group of about thirty that will be part of International World Changers in the Czech Republic this summer. This group from the Birmingham area will be able to take some of the items and save Boyd and Jennie shipping money.

Boyd’s class at Memphis last week was to consist of four students. Three did not show up – possibly because of the tornado last week. Boyd’s professor was in the hospital with pneumonia. Boyd was given the option of rescheduling later of doing independent study. He took the second option. He was able to accomplish a lot on a paper and will hopefully finish it while still at NOBTS.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed being in America, but are all ready to go “home”. Life in the States has been busy and certainly not “routine”, even though Boyd and Jennie tried to make it as routine as possible.

I enjoyed helping the children with homeschooling on several occasions. It was good to see the progress they made. I was better able to do that than Jennie, because she saw them on a daily basis.

While I was in New Orleans last week, I was able to attend church at FBC, NO and a homeschooling valentine party. I enjoyed meeting many people and seeing the children interact with other children.

The Hatchels have stayed in housing at the seminary. The missionary home is a duplex that can house two missionary families. It is provided by FBC, NO. They did a wonderful job of making sure everything was in place.

The trip home will involve three planes and four airports. I don’t have a schedule yet, but will give you more information later. Just know the trip is long and difficult. David and I find it very hard. I cannot imagine being responsible for four children and all the extra luggage for them!

The Hatchels appreciate all your encouragement and support. They covet your prayers as they complete this time of stateside assignment, travel, and begin another term with the International Mission Board.

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