Bro. Joe Baugh said his father-in-law, Mr. Robert Spencer (92), is doing much better and is almost back healthwise to where he was a few months ago. Please continue to remember to pray for Mr. Spencer and for “Miss” Barbara as she cares for her dad.

Please pray for John Merle. He is an 8 year old boy who is at St.Jude Hospital undergoing test for internal bleeding.

Debbra Smith

Pray for Michael Bankston. His family’s home (the old Bankston’s store east of Arcola) burned yesterday. Everything was lost.

Please continue to pray for Mrs. Jeanette Rhodus. She is at North Oaks and waiting for a pathology report. When she is released, she’ll come to Kentwood Rehabilitation. Please pray for her progress.

Scarlet Williams Broussard in in Hood Memorial with an infection. Please be in prayer for her.

Pray for Ralph Owens, Jr. He is undergoing treatment for cancer. Ralph lives east of Arcola.

Karen Miller’s brother, Aubrey Perry, will begin nine weeks of chemo next week. Pray for him and his family as he goes through this process.

Mrs. Barbara Erwin’s sister in Bogalusa had a heart attack. Please pray for her and those caring for her.

Thursday – Update on Baby Aaron

Hello everyone-

I am sorry it has been so long since I posted an update on Aaron. The past couple of days have been very hectic, as we were released from the hospital around 6 p.m. yesterday. We were surprised to be released, but are glad to be away from the hospital environment.

This morning all of us moved (in two trips via tiny Ford Focus) back to the Camden RMH and we are settled back in over here now. We will remain here in the local area as we wait on our next visit and echo at CHOP.

The surgical conference on Tuesday did not yield a firm plan for Aaron’s surgery. The doctors are still concerned about Aaron’s mitral valve. While it appears to be functioning properly, its construction seems abnormal. They are concerned that he has an ‘arcade’ mitral valve. If so, they will not be able to do the two-sided repair surgery originally discussed. This would be the most preferable option b/c it would be one surgery that would allow Aaron use of both sides of his heart. If his mitral valve will not sustain his heart, they will have to close off one ventricle of his heart through a set of two surgeries called Norwood procedures. The first surgery is done preferably b/t 3-6 months of age, with the second surgery being done b/t 2-3 years of age. This is the less desirable of the two options at this point.

Right now, the plan is to remain here until our follow-up echo on 3/12. If all looks good, they will release us home to MS. They want Aaron to have a heart catheterization b/t 4-6 weeks of age, either here or in MS, so they can get a better idea of his heart’s function (the function of the mitral valve, particularly) at that point. We feel like they will formulate a more firm plan for surgery after the heart cath.

We are a little discouraged b/c of the uncertainty of everything. Thankfully, Aaron seems to be doing well and is adjusting to life away from the CCU. As his mom, it’s hard to look at this precious, perfect-looking child and know that his heart is broken inside. It is also hard to watch him eat and breathe and to see that he is laboring harder than he should sometimes. I wish I could take it all on for him, but I know I cannot. Please pray that God will give us strength to wait on His timing and His perfect plan for Aaron. We love you each and every one.

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Wednesday – Obituaries

James Monroe Rutland
(May 8, 1937 – February 26, 2008)

James Monroe Rutland went to be with the Lord on February 26, 2008. He was born May 8, 1937 in Amite. James was retired from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development since 1994. Mr. Rutland was also a U. S. Navy Veteran. His church home was Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Pine Grove where he resided. Survivors include his wife of over 50 years, Annabel Watkins Rutland; six sons, Ronald James and wife, Marcia, Randall Wayne and fiance, Angela, Ray Jerome and wife, Teresa, Ralph Edward and wife, Marcie, Roger Karl and wife, Barbara, Robert Ward and wife, Margaret; one sister, Geraldine Rutland Colston and husband, Bill; and sister-in-law, Marlene Rutland. Mr. Rutland is also survived by 11 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, 2 nieces, several great nieces and nephews, 1 aunt, as well as a host of relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by parents, Monroe and Amy Rutland; two brothers, Melvin and Horace “Chuck” Rutland; grandson, Reece Rutland; nephew, Keith Rutland; niece, Dianne Lipari. Officiating at the funeral services will be Rev. Toney Cooksey and Rev. Bill Colston. Pallbearers will be Mr. Rutland’s sons, Ronnie, Randy, Ray, Ralph, Roger and Robert. Services will be conducted by McKneely Funeral Home in Amite with visitation Thursday, Feb. 28th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Funeral will be Friday, Feb. 29th at 10:00 a.m. with interment at Natalbany Cemetery in Independence.

James H. Golmon
(October 25, 1941 – February 25, 2008)

Died on Monday, February 25, 2008 at North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond. He was a native of New Orleans and a resident of Roseland. Age 66 years. Visitation at McKneely Funeral Home, Amite, from 9 a.m. on Friday until religious services at 12 Noon Friday. Services conducted by Rev. David Cutrer. Interment Arcola-Roseland Cemetery, Roseland. He is survived by his wife, Verlie Golmon, Roseland; son, Bruce “Sonny” Golmon, Roseland; 4 grandchildren, Chelsea, Caitlyn, Cassidy, and Craig Golmon. He was preceded in death by his parents, Howard and Corrine Corkern Golmon.

Myrtle L. Ficklin Fiorello
(March 9, 1903 – February 26, 2008)

Mrs. Mrytle L. Ficklin Fiorello died at 5:58PM, Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at the Lakeview Regional Medical Center, Covington. She was 77, a native of Montpelier and a resident of Greensburg. Visitation at the McKneely & Vaughn Funeral Home, Amite, from 6:00PM until 9:00PM Thursday, February 28, 2008 and after 8:00AM until Religious Services at 2:00PM, Friday, February 29, 2008 in the Funeral Home Chapel conducted by Bro. Joe Day. Interment Greensburg Cemetery. Survived by a daughter, Wanda Ficklin, 4 sons, Freddie, Michael “George”, Ronald “Gun”, Randy “Duke” Ficklin all of Greensburg, 4 brothers, Edward Cutrer, Amite, Dewitt Cutrer, Bunkie, Joe Cutrer, Greensburg, Ray Cutrer, Chicago, IL., and a sister, Mary Rogers, Fort Worth, TX. Preceded in death by her first husband, D. L. “Bang” Ficklin, second husband, Frank Fiorello, a son, Jimmy Lewis Ficklin, a sister, Annie Mae Albritton, and 2 brothers, Hollis Cutrer and Walter Cutrer. McKneely & Vaughn Funeral Home is located at I-55 & Hwy 16W next to Coggins-Gentry Ford. An on-line Guestbook is avaiable at

Wednesday’s Devotional

Decision Magazine Weekly E-mail Devotional

February 26, 2008

A Word From Billy Graham

The Bible says, “All we like sheep have gone astray” (Isaiah 53:6). Man is like sheep. We wander around blind; we get lost. We’re lost from God. We’ve strayed from God. …

Jesus tells a story of a lost sheep. This farmer had 99 sheep that were safe, but one had wandered away. He was lost. So this shepherd decided that he was going to go after the one lost sheep. After much searching, he found the sheep. And he called all of his friends together, and they rejoiced because he had found the sheep (Luke 15:4-6). Are you that one lost sheep? Jesus Christ would have died on the cross if no one had been lost but you. God loves you and He’s searching for you.

The shepherd lives with his sheep. He gives them food and protection and security. Jesus said, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). Whatever happens, however sick you may get—you may lose a child, you may lose a father or a mother—Jesus is with you. You’re the sheep; He’s the shepherd. He loves you, and He gave His life for you. When He died on the cross, God took all of our sins and laid them on Him.

Devotional Prayer:


Lord, we thank You for sending Jesus to find us when we had wandered far from You. Help us to stay close to you as we seek out those who are still lost and need to hear of the salvation that you offer them through Christ. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


“Moreover,as for me,

far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord

in ceasing to pray for you;

but I will teach you the good and the right way.”

~1 Samuel 12:23~


MISSIONARY PERSONAL NEEDS. A Baptist representative covets your intercession for his wife, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and a stroke. She has taken a turn for the worse, and the cancer has spread into her bones and stomach. She is currently hospitalized and is facing a new chemotherapy treatment. He asks: “Please pray for healing in God’s will and perfect timing. She is getting tired and discouraged, because she has been through so much. Please pray that she will find comfort in the Lord’s arms and peace that He is with her continually as she goes through this ordeal.”

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC (prahg). “Thank you for praying for the Scripture distribution projects that took place in the Prague mega-city region during the months of December and January,” writes the Prague Mega-City Team. “One of our first attempts to deliver the requested items in December almost ended in failure, as an IMB representative struggled with his limited Czech language and was not able to convince the woman what we were doing. Finally she asked if we spoke English. End of problem. We returned later that evening when her husband was home to deliver the material. He accepted it and was overcome by emotion and almost cried. As we searched for addresses and streets that truly have no consistency, tried to read numbers on buildings in the dark, and searched for faded names on mailboxes, we realized that it is all worth it and we serve a great and mighty God. Pray for our team as we continue with follow up on those who have responded. Pray that those who receive the Word will understand it and come to know Christ as Savior. Pray that they will also have a desire to meet together and study the Word.”

PAKISTAN. Christians in many places suffer great persecution whether or not there are anti-conversion laws. Last year, the Pakistani parliament considered a blasphemy bill that would have called for all converts to Christianity to be killed. Some anti-Christian radicals do not need a law to convince them that those who turn their backs on Islam should be punished. Pray for Christians in Pakistan who face dangers, prejudice and persecution in one form or another every day. Specifically pray for NM and IM, bold evangelists who love the Lord and yearn for their countrymen to know Him too. Ask God to defeat any attempts to make persecution legal, and ask Him to change the hearts of those who do not wait for the law to be established. Pray for their salvation.

GERMAN-BRAZILIANS OF BRAZIL. For some time, you have been interceding for the city of Dois Irmaos. In December, a study began in a home in this city. C, an evangelist on the German Team, is thrilled that God has answered his prayers to begin a study in this city. He has joined other team members as well as volunteers in walking and driving through this area, asking God to lead them to a “man of peace” (Luke 10:6). Pray that this home and those attending the study will continue in the faith that they have so eagerly embraced. C requests prayer for discernment as to the next city where God would have team members go. In March, a volunteer youth team will join them to carry out community projects, distribute Bibles, and prayerwalk. Ask the Father to grant them safety and to open doors in order that disciples will be made and churches planted in homes in a region where persecution is common for evangelicals.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA (BOO-kuh-rest). Pray for Vocea Evangheliei Christian radio station as God uses it in His ministry. Through Christian songs and talk shows, God is reaching into the homes of Bucharest. Pray for those searching for the Truth to turn their radios to 94.2 FM. (It is also available on the Internet.)

NAIROBI, KENYA (ny-ROH-bee). Pray that feeding efforts of Southern Baptists in Nairobi will communicate Christ’s love to those who have suffered through the loss of loved ones and property, the displacement of places to live, and the persecution of tribal warfare. Pray that those touched by the local churches will see God’s hands and be drawn to Him in times of turmoil, seeking peace and eternity.

ZAMBIA. Spiritual light is beginning to shine in the darkness of the fishing villages surrounding Lake Bangwelulu of Zambia. One-and-a-half years ago, the first attempt to bring the light of the gospel to this area was met with opposition from the Bemba people. Over time and through much prayer, their hearts have begun to open to the truths in God’s Word. There are now two churches on either side of the town in villages around the lake. Praise God for this victory! Without dependence on the missionary, these two churches met together for a night of prayer and fasting and have begun to make plans to start a “preaching point” (new work) in the main part of town that lies between them. Pray for this second-generation church plant to become a reality in the next few months as these new believers work together to continue dispelling the darkness among the Bemba people of Luwingu, Zambia.

CHINA. Human trafficking continues to challenge Chinese authorities as young men and women are forced into labor and prostitution, primarily along China’s southern border. Pray for God to protect those who are vulnerable to such abuse and to thwart the schemes of those who seek to enslave them. Pray that all who suffer such degradation can someday know the loving Savior whose blood was shed for them.

JAPAN. Your workers serving in the JGPNetwork thank you for praying during 2007. Because you were faithful to intercede for the outreach efforts of laborers working in the fields, homeless men, elderly women, college students, working young people and children are among those who heard the gospel message in 2007 and look forward to 2008, knowing that they are children of the Father and can experience His power, His love and His grace. Praise the Lord for His answers to the Luke 10:2b prayer for more laborers. Pray for these new Christians to grow and be faithful witnesses for Christ in order that many more will be able to experience Christmas next year as God’s children!

NORTH SUMATRA MALAY OF INDONESIA (MAY-lay). Give thanks to God for a new believer who has joined a group of other believers in ministry! This young woman named H has had much experience in community development related to education and health needs. She also has a passion for sharing stories of Truth with women. Pray that she will be a mentor to the existing believers in this group.

MISSIONARY PERSONAL NEEDS. A couple serving in Thailand write: “Our children open many doors for us in our work. Ask the Lord to continue to show them how He can use them to spread His Word. Pray that they will be open to doing whatever the Lord leads them to do. Pray for their relationships with the nationals, asking that their communication will always be clear and that they will use every opportunity to share the message of Christ.”

MUSLIMS: PRAYING BEYOND THE WALL. Honor is a defining value in Muslim culture. New believers are ostracized, threatened, persecuted and sometimes even killed to erase the shame the family feels because of their perception that the believer has rejected the religion and authority of the family to follow Jesus Christ. Pray for new believers to be given wisdom, courage, love and grace as they share their decision and bear witness with their family to their new faith. Ask God to prepare the hearts of their families to hear and respond to the truth. Pray for the gospel to spread through entire families.