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(Wednesday @ 8:15 P.M.)

We got disappointing news today from our surgeon. For the past 36 hours, Aaron has not been getting better. He has been draining tons of fluid from his chest tubes and his heart rate and respirations have been high. He has been laboring with each breath. They have been giving him blood products and iv nutrition, but he continues to weaken. Dr. Spray feels like Aaron needs another open heart surgery very soon to repair the holes between his ventricles and atria. One of the holes is in the area where they put a patch to connect his aorta with his VSD–the doctors think some of the stitches may have come out around the patch. The other hole is in a very difficult place to reach, but it is doing lots of damage b/c it’s allowing backflow into Aaron’s right atrium. Dr. Spray had wanted to see if Aaron would get better so we could skip another surgery because it will be a difficult repair, but that has not happened. The operation may be Friday, but at the latest Monday. They don’t want Aaron to get any worse.

We are disappointed and scared. We want Aaron to get well and don’t want to hand him over to be cut open again. We haven’t held our baby boy in over two weeks now. This has been hard for us, but harder on our Aaron. Please pray for healing for our son.


“The Lord has heard my supplication;

the Lord will receive my prayer.”

~Psalm 6:9~


MISSIONARY PERSONAL NEEDS. Pray for Ramona Reese, IMB missionary to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and her family as they grieve the sudden loss of her mother in a car accident. Lift up Ramona and her family as decisions are made regarding her mother’s belongings. Pray for the grandchildren, who are taking it the hardest. Remember Ramona’s husband also as he is recovering from knee replacement surgery.


Please pray for my parents, Grant and Dot Smith of Roseland, as they undergo a number of medical tests.

“At the name of Jesus every knee should bow…” (Philippians 2:10).
Mike Benson, Editor

I WEIGHED MYSELF one day recently…

I weighed a certain amount (nope, I am not going to tell, so don’t even ask!) on one scale. I guess I wanted a second opinion, so I weighed on another one. It showed me 20 pounds heavier than the first one did. (I liked the first one better; it must be doing a better job.) Therefore, just to see if I could get a majority ruling, I found a third one and weighed on it. It showed me 10 pounds heavier than the first scale, and 10 pounds lighter than the second scale. (I still liked the first one better.) To be honest, I do not know which one was right, so I just went with the one that pleased me the most.

Sadly, I believe that many religious people follow this same path. They try one religious organization, church or preacher, and then, they try another, which tells them something different, and maybe another that tells something totally different yet. They get confused, and then they just go to the one that pleases them most.

How can I know how much I truly weigh? I have to find a reliable scale, one that is calibrated properly and that is consistent with the true weight of what it weighs. While all three of the scales I used were different, the fact is that I did actually weigh a certain amount when I used those scales. All of them could have been wrong, or one right and two wrong (I know you figure the heaviest one was right), but only one could have been right.

Religiously, there is a truth that does not change. It is the truth that is God’s Word (John 17:17), and that truth is understandable. In the religious world, we may find all kinds of “interpretations,” sort of like the measurements of my weight on those scales. The fact is, however, that there is a truth that is sure and certain, and is right. If two or more people are teaching different things on a matter of doctrine or Scripture, then either all of those teachings are wrong, or one is right and the others are wrong. That is an unpopular sentiment in today’s world.

If we take it and think about it in terms of how much I weigh, it is not hard to understand. I have a true weight. However, it cannot be 20 pounds different from one measurement, and 10 pounds different from another and all three measurements be true. That just makes sense. For example, I cannot weigh 100 pounds (I wish!), 110 pounds and 120 pounds all at the same time. If three scales weigh me these weights, then at least two of them are wrong (I know what you are thinking, in my case all three would be wrong at these weights, although the three combined might come close-Ha,Ha!).

From the perspective of religion, we must go to the Bible, and allow it to speak as the authority of God. We need to use it as our spiritual scale, or measuring instrument. In the end, it will be that by which we are judged. It is truth in its purest form. We must measure by God’s measurements and not by ours.

I would like to lose some weight. However, just going from one scale to another that gives me a reading that pleases me more does not change my real weight. I want to go to heaven. Just changing to some other organization or preacher that tells me what I want to hear will not change the course I am on. Only obedience to the truth of God can do that. Be careful what measuring instrument you use to guide your life. (Dean Kelly)

“Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth” (John 17:17).

Be careful what measuring instrument you use to guide your life.

Have a wonderful day!

Anna Lee

Tuesday Evening

Jamie Paul Johnson

Jamie Paul Johnson, 54, of Jayess, died March 29, 2008, in a house fire at his residence.

Visitation is 5 to 9 tonight at Providence Baptist Church in Jayess. Services are 11 a.m. Wednesday at the church, with the Revs. Steve Smith and Will Wall officiating. Margaret Ard and Mendy Johnson will provide music during the service. Burial will be in the church cemetery, with Wilson Funeral Home in Monticello in charge.

Mr. Johnson was born Jan. 30, 1954, in McComb, to James Herman and Frances Fenn Johnson of Summit.

He was a retired conductor with Illinois Central Railroad and a member of Providence Baptist Church. He graduated from North Pike High School in 1972 and still holds the record for most points scored in a single basketball game. He attended Southwest Mississippi Junior College before going to work with ICRR on Feb. 9, 1973. After retiring from the railroad, his job was to be a great, loving “pawpaw.”

Mr. Johnson was preceded in death by a son, Jeremy Paul Johnson; a brother, Jackie Darryl Johnson; grandparents, Hilton and Myrtle Fenn, John Lewis Johnson, and J.W. Bales and Ethel Roberts Johnson Bales; two nephews, Josh and Dustin Johnson; and his parents-in-law J.W. and Irma Niece Miller.

Survivors include his parents; his wife, Judith Kay Miller Johnson of Jayess; two sons, Randy Johnson and friend Tracey Clower, and Scott Johnson and wife Mendy, all of Jayess; three grandchildren, Haven, Heidi and Hib Johnson; five step-grandchildren, Katelyn, Josh and Chris Reid, Logan Costilo and Rylie Clower; one sister, Sondra J. Bell and her husband Randy of North Carolina; four nieces, Brooke and Kayla Johnson, Brandi Walker and Jamye Bullock; a brother-in-law, Larry Miller and his wife Linda; and a sister-in-law, Clara Miller Herrington.

Tuesday Evening

Request from Selena Morgan

Please add Kaden Underwood to the prayerlink. He is the 5 month old son of a Southeastern classmate. He is undergoing heart surgery somewhere up north. Please pray for this baby as well as his parents and the doctors as they care for him.

Today’s post by Faith Hill

In her post yesterday, Melinda gave me a simple prayer that I am trying to remember as each minute passes. “Father, please heal my son and if You choose not to, please keep me faithful.”

Today has been quiet and a lesson in patience. After Aaron‘s breathing tube was removed yesterday evening, he had a fairly pleasant night. He shed a lot more fluid, so today he is getting more blood products. They aren’t feeding him or giving him any IV nutrition other than blood products just yet, but they might start with something tonight. We hope so, as Aaron needs to bulk up to keep up with Levi.

On the surgical front, Dr. Spray reviewed all of Aaron’s images from the cath and his progress from the weekend. The location of the two remaining holes (if they are still there) would make it unlikely that they could be closed in a surgery. They would be hard to locate and view. The only other approach for closing them would be for a coil device to be placed during a heart cath, but one of the holes could not be reached that way, either. Aaron would only be a candidate for this procedure when he is older–most desirably 3 or 4 years old.

Before last Friday, the doctors thought Aaron did not have enough blood flow to his lungs. So they were trying to help him get more with drugs, oxygen, nitric, etc. In reality, the cath revealed that he had the opposite problem and the treatment was hurting him. We are hoping that since they now realize the true problem, Aaron’s heart will be able to do the work on its own. In the event this does not work, Aaron might have to have surgery where a band is placed on his pulmonary artery to try and slow the blood flow to his heart/lungs. This band would allow Aaron to grow until he is big enough for an interventional heart cath. We aren’t eager for him to have another surgery, b/c any surgery is dangerous, but the placement of the pulmonary band would not require any cutting on Aaron’s heart, so it is a LITTLE less scary. We are hopeful he won’t need this.

We are still practicing patience. Aaron is still covered in leads, catheters, chest tubes, wires to his heart, medication lines to his heart, ivs, bandages, etc. We are still eager to hold him, but the best we can do is stand by him and talk to him, give him his pacifier and promise him love, hugs, kisses and treats when he is better. We long for that day. Please keep praying for Aaron.


“Therefore I say to you,

whatever things you ask when you pray,

believe that you receive them,

and you will have them.”

~Mark 11:24~



BUCHAREST, ROMANIA (BOO-kuh-rest). IMB personnel have seen many changes in Bucharest and Romania over the past nine years. Romania has worked hard to be accepted by the Western European countries. They have passed several hurdles to be accepted into NATO and the European Union. The first week of April, Bucharest will be hosting the NATO Summit. This is a big deal for them. Airports will be shut down, and this city will be under heavy security. Schools will be closed. Although the summit is government-related, pray for God’s presence to be felt here during this time. Pray for people to realize that they will only have true peace in their lives through knowing the Lord personally.

MISSIONARY PERSONAL NEEDS. Please remember the 5-year-old son of missionaries Kelly and Ann Carruthers in your prayers. In February, he broke his left femur bone, and stayed in the hospital for 14 days. Pray this month that he will regain his strength from the break and that God will continue to protect him.

CHINA. New life was celebrated in many ways through Easter celebrations held throughout China late last month. Praise God that the Risen Savior lives in the hearts of many millions of Chinese people and that His saving grace is constantly being shared in cities and villages throughout China. Pray that new believers will accept the challenge of sharing their newfound faith with others so that millions more can also know the One who conquered the grave.

UNENGAGED PEOPLES OF CENTRAL, EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA. Please be in prayer for the people in northern to central Namibia. Heavy rains in Angola to the north of Namibia have caused major flooding in northern Namibia and into the heart of Ovamboland. The flooding has killed 42 people (at last count) and displaced thousands since early February. More flooding is expected. Raging rivers have replaced normally dry plains, with roads and bridges being washed away as a result. In an area where the main mode of transportation is by foot, this is more than an inconvenience–it is a death sentence. As many as 250,000 people have been cut off in this region, with many only reachable by helicopter. Please be in prayer for the peoples of Namibia.;

Our Daily Bread

April 1, 2008

In The Driver’s Seat

READ: Matthew 5:13-16

Let your light so shine before men,

that they may see your good works

and glorify your Father in heaven.

-Matthew 5:16

I love the story of the stressed-out woman who was tailgating a man as they drove on a busy boulevard. When he slowed to a stop at a yellow light, the woman hit the horn, cussing and screaming in frustration and gesturing angrily. As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a police officer who ordered her to exit the car with her hands up. He took her to the police station and placed her in a holding cell.

An hour later, the officer returned and said, “I’m sorry, Ma’am. This has been a big mistake. When I pulled up behind you, I noticed your ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ license plate holder and your ‘Follow Me to Sunday School’ bumper sticker. I assumed the car was stolen!”

Satan doesn’t care so much if you’re a Christian as long as you don’t act like one. If he can get you to live by his signals, he can damage and disarm you every time and dishonor the name of Christ in the process.

Instead, Jesus calls believers to be “salt” and to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).

With Jesus in the driver’s seat of our lives, we can show off the love and glory of God. – Joe Stowell

Called to be salt and light in this world,
Called to preserve and to shine,
Called to reflect the glory of God-
Oh, what a calling is mine! -Fitzhugh

Don’t let Satan manage the details of your life.

I suppose the scene might vary some from person to person:

  • Wearing a cross or fish symbol and being in a place where a Christian shouldn’t be
  • Wearing a Christian lapel pin and being involved in office gossip
  • Having a Bible beside you and l listening to music that brings glory to the things of the world
  • Etc.

Have a great day. Show the world who your best friend really is!

Anna Lee