Pray for me as I walk without a boot for the first time in four months. Pray both feet are healed and give no more problems.

Pray for Velta Morris and her family as she has surgery today.

Please pray for Gary and Linda Stegall Hendry. Gary got sick in Sunday School Sunday- He was taken to North Oaks, but is home now. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

PRAYER FOCUS – Today, let’s focus on the people of. Europe as the weather get’s colder and disagreements between countries has caused a lack of fuel in some places. Please pray for disagreements to be settled so lives can return to a new normal.

Pray for our country as we prepare for an election in three weeks. Pray for Godly men and women to be chosen.

Pray for everyone as I use a new device. Hopefully, I will receive some additionally instruction in a few days.

Anna Lee