Monday Afternoon

Special Request from Mrs. Ann Chapman:
Precious “Prayer Partners” my family has just received word that my oldest brother, Charles Abernathy, has a tumor behind his heart. the doctors have already told him it is cancer. A biospy was done Monday and report should be in tomorrow. Cancer runs rampant in our family. I am a cancer surviver. My father, a sister and another brother already reside in heaven due to cancer. Charles is ready to meet our Jesus. He will be 80 in August. Please pray the prayer that never fails…for
God’s will to be done. His wife Betty and children, Barbara and Russell need your prayers as well as we the extended family as our family circle in Heaven will soon be larger.
I pray God’s blessings upon each of you.
Love, Ann


For the wages of sin is death,

but the free gift of God is eternal life

through Christ Jesus our Lord.

~Romans 6:23 (NLT)~


Mrs. Blanch Wheat is the oldest member of our church. Pray for her as she is experiencing some problems.

Pray for Jesse Dean’s sister, Patsy Beddenfield. She was taken to North Oaks for tests yesterday.

Pray for Tim and Charlotte Alford. Charlotte got sick while out-of-town and had to have surgery.

“At the name of Jesus every knee should bow…” (Philippians 2:10).
Mike Benson, Editor

A FRIEND OF mine tells of the day he went with a group of people to a nursing home, to the ward that cares for those suffering from Alzheimer’s…

Most of the residents were, to put it as kindly as possible, no longer there. Their stares were vacant, their memory as empty as a Montana prairie. They remembered nothing, knew no one, not even themselves. It was a heartbreaking experience.

What could the visitors do? What could they say? Because they didn’t know what to talk about, they sang hymns – “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” and “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.”

And something astonishing happened. These elderly people began to sing along! Silver heads perked up, feathery thin voices were raised in song. Apparently the earliest childhood memories are the very last to go, and these poor victims of this dreadful disease remembered the songs they sang in Sunday school. Their oldest memories, dating to before the Fireside Chats, before the Waffen SS, before that street in New York crashed – these memories still lit these otherwise dark minds!

And they say that children don’t learn anything!

Of course “they” must have never had a child. Children are high fidelity microphones, picking up every breath, every inflection, every tone they hear. When parents quarrel, they know; when ladies use language that once made sailors blush, they hear; when voices are raised in honor of an incomparable God, the sound and the words lodge deeply in the memory.

Tell an adult that God is right here, in our midst, and he will scoff. Tell a child, and he will say, “OK.” Tell an adult that he should forgive his brother, and he will set his face in stone and intone, “Never!” Tell a child to forgive his brother, and in moments they will be lost in their play again.

The Teacher said it best: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14).

We behave as if children are a barrier to worship, that their squirming and shuffling gets in the way of our time with God. Contrast this attitude with that of Jesus, who drew them into the very center of his activities. The disciples said, “send them away.” Jesus said, “bring them to me!”

Will you bring your children?

All of which makes me determined that we will put in our children’s memories things of substance, pieces of our spiritual heritage that have stood the test of time.

You see, the real tragedy is not when an Alzheimer’s victim forgets his childhood, but when a society forgets its conscience.
(Stan Mitchell at

“Let the little children come to me,

and do not hinder them,

for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

~Matthew 19:14~

For those of you having a holiday, enjoy the break and remember why Memorial Day is celebrated. For those of you who work today, like school teachers, remember why we have Memorial Day as you work.

Anna Lee


“Blessed be God,

who has not turned away my prayer,

nor His mercy from me!”

~Psalm 66:20~

Thank you for your continued prayers. I am improving daily. Go to see the neurosurgeon Wednesday and hope he has something else we can try. Still having difficulty walking because it hurts to put pressure on my left leg. My bag hurts if I stand too long-like cooking.

Riley continues to decline in his ability to do things. Continues to be pleasant and eats & sleeps well.

I am thankful for the beautiful sunny days but it is a little HOT in DeRidder and even hotter when the AC goes out. Thankful that we had a nice man who would get out on a Saturday of a Memorial Day Weekend & repair the AC. Surely did help my myasthenia. It was beginning to be a little uncorporative because heat & myasthenia don’t get along too well.
thanks for your prayers
Frann Smith Clark

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (joh-HAHN-is-burg). “A Deaf believer shared her story of a recent encounter during a week-long literacy training seminar,” writes the Deaf Evangelism Team. “When one Deaf man mocked his Christian friend, she jumped in, saying that she was a believer too. The Christian friend tried to share the story about Paul from Acts 8 but mixed up some of the details. She shared the full story about Paul’s testimony with them, and the man who had mocked then said that every story from the Bible being told in sign language should be videotaped so that every Deaf person will ‘see’ God’s Word in a new light. God is moving, as a group of interested Deaf believers have now gathered and prayed about this possibility of videotaping the Bible stories in their heart sign languages. Pray that God will guide us and give wisdom, patience and understanding as we work with this group who are committing themselves to this project.”

SOUTH AFRICA. Please be in prayer for the country of South Africa. South Africa has long been thought of as an economically and politically secure country. However, over the last several months, much change has occurred here. Due to various reasons, power supplies have reached a critically low point and now South Africa is suffering the power outages that often occur in other parts of Africa. It has reached such a critical level that the country is now experiencing daily, rotating power outages. Unfortunately, this has already had a devastating effect on small business and employment, in a country that already has a huge unemployment rate. Immigration requests from the country have quadrupled since November. There are also nervous “rumblings” about how this will affect the 2010 Soccer World Cup, since it looks like a solution will be years in coming. All of this has had an unsettling effect on all people and has started a time of economic as well as political unrest with the coming elections. Please be in prayer for South Africa. Intercede for the people as they struggle through difficult times. Pray for the government as they struggle to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem. Ask for the Lord’s intervention and care. Pray for many to seek the Lord’s hand and guidance in South Africa.

ZAMBIA. It might be a school break, but it’s no holiday. The students of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia are on their “break” between terms–but no one would say that they are on holiday. Those who are full-time pastors are using this time to focus more of their time and energy on the churches that they serve. Others are in the process of planting a church during this break. One student is beginning to bring to reality his calling of building an orphanage/training center in the bush by surveying possible sites and purchasing the land where God directs him. Give thanks to God for students who see “holidays” as “holy days”–days set apart for His glory and honor, extra opportunities to follow Him in faithful obedience.

LAST FRONTIER. “I was recently again reminded of the privilege of growing up in a country, and in a family, where there was freedom to hear and share the Good News,” writes a worker serving among a Last Frontier people group. “Utilizing the help of a recent short-term volunteer team, we took the opportunity to share the Resurrection Story with multiples of people over a one-week period. These short-term volunteer friends and I were amazed at the number of people who had never heard the Story. In several situations, the hearers were visibly moved. We ask you to pray for those who have heard these Truths. Pray that the seeds of Truth will take root and begin to grow new life in their hearts. Pray that the enemy will not steal these seeds of life away.”

MUSLIMS: PRAYING BEYOND THE WALL. Pray for brothers and sisters who are experiencing persecution because of their commitment to follow and serve Jesus Christ. Pray for them to experience joy in Christ in the midst of treachery. Ask that they will be completely enveloped by God’s peace. Pray for wisdom, grace and courage to share God’s Truth with those who oppose them. Pray for those who are determined to torment believers to be won over and transformed by God’s love expressed through His children.

Baham, Julia Ann

(October 25, 1945 – May 24, 2008)

Died at 2:53 a.m. on Saturday, May 24, 2008 at Our Lady Of The Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, LA. She was a native of Springfield, LA and a resident of Greensburg, LA. Age 62 years. Visitation on Monday, May 26, 2008 from 9 a.m. until religious services at 3:00 p.m. at Red Bluff Baptist Church, Greensburg. Services conducted by Rev. Starat Cleveland. Interment Red Bluff Cemetery, Greensburg, LA.Survived by, her husband, Douglas Baham, her daughter, Julie O’Brien, her sons, Pee Wee Baham, and Mickey Baham, her sisters, Ella Welch, Mable McMaree, and Dollie Frazier, all of Greensburg, her brothers, Albert Rodriguez and Dewitt Effler both of Livingston, 4 grandchildren, Amanda Allen, Bridgette Baham, Brittainy Baham, Stephanie O’Brien, great grandson, Micheal Ray Allen, numerous nieces, nephews, and step-grandchildren

On Mission in Kentwood

Yesterday, fifteen volunteers worked to help others in our community and let them know God loves them and we love them. It was a very heart-warming experience. You might consider participating next time. You will certainly be blessed.


“At the name of Jesus every knee should bow…” (Philippians 2:10).
Mike Benson, Editor

LARRY AND JANE Hudson are dear friends from the Main Street church…

They recently invited me to Sunday dinner following the AM worship assembly. This special couple was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and so they asked me to go along and commemorate the happy occasion.

Our destination…? Owensboro, Kentucky and Moonlite Bar-B-Q.

Everybody in this neck of the woods knows about Moonlite. Think “casual dining.” Think “family feel.” Think “all-you-can-eat” BBQ buffet. Underline the word “all.” Hungry guests stand in line with a plate and then help themselves to a smorgasbord of tasty, home-style dishes.

Buffet. Choose what you want. Skip what you don’t want. Go back as many times as you wish. This is gastronomical heaven. I loaded my plate with country favorites — mashed potatoes, pulled pork, and green beans, but then skiped the macaroni and cheese, gravy and rolls.

I left the restaurant full as the proverbial tick. Okay, maybe not full — I stopped just one bite shy of gluttony.

The meal was great. The Christian company was even better.

It occurs to me that many preachers treat the Word like a trip to Moonlite. They fill their theological dinner-ware with perennial favorites. They “eat” what their doctrinal belly desires (Phil. 3:19), but then pass over those food items which their denomination deems unpalatable. For instance, some heap their plate with faith, but then consciously omit what the Scriptures teach about baptism. They select SOME of God’s word but not the SUM of God’s word. They claim to be “Bible-believing,” but then do a “Moonlite” on those passages which teach the necessity of immersion.

Does the New Testament require baptism? No? Look again. According to Matt. 28:19-20 baptism is involved in my becoming a disciple of Christ. According to Mark 16:15-16 baptism is something I must engage if I want to be saved. According to Acts 2:37-38 baptism is something I must undergo in order to be forgiven of my sins. According to Acts 8:12-13, 38 baptism is something I must submit to, even if it means changing my religion. According to Acts 10:48 baptism is something I must obey because it has been commanded. According to Acts 16:14-15, 33 baptism is something I will yield to — immediately — in order to be faithful to the Lord. According to Acts 22:16 baptism is something I must do if I desire my past sins to be taken away (cf. Acts 9:6). According to Rom. 6:3-7 baptism is that which makes a difference (slave of sin vs. slave of righteousness) in my life. According to 1 Cor. 12:13 baptism is the means by which I enter the body or church (cf. Eph. 1:22-23). According to Gal. 3:26-27 baptism is the way that I become a child of God. According to 1 Pet. 3:21 baptism saves.

Got your Bible handy? Read through Jeremiah 36. Jeremiah prophesied during the closing days of the Southern kingdom of Judah. On one occasion, the prophet received a divine message from God and then had the words written on a scroll (vv. 1-3). This inspired document was later read to king Jehoiakim by Jehudi (vv. 21). When Jehudi read that the kingdom-nation would be overthrown by the Babylonian empire, Jehoiakim decided he couldn’t “stomach” anymore. The arrogant ruler took a scribe’s penknife, cut up the scroll, and then cast it into the fire until it was consumed (vv. 22-24).

Jehoiakim would have liked Moonlite. Eat what you want. Skip what you don’t want. Mashed potatoes “yes,” dinner rolls “no.” Authoritarian rule “yes,” servile bondage “no.” Faith “yes,” baptism “no.”

Dear reader, the Bible is not a self-serve restaurant. We can’t pick out the parts that we like and then reject or cut out the portions that don’t strike our fancy. We must declare and consume (Jer. 15:16) the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27; cf. 2 Tim. 4:2-4), including those passages which teach the necessity of baptism. (Mike Benson)

“The sum of your word is truth,and every one of your righteous rules endures forever” (Psm. 119:160).

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day! Be sure you remember it is SONday!

Anna Lee


“Go into all the world

and preach the Good News to everyone.”

~Mark 16:15 (NLT)~


Billy Ray Johnson

(July 17, 1930 – May 22, 2008)

The angels came and carried Billy Ray Johnson from the Hammond Nursing Home. A Loving wonderful husband and soulmate to Ruby Johnson for more than 35 years. A doting father to Tommy Ray Johnson, Greensburg, LA., Larry and Sybil Brenner, Laplace, LA., Granddaughter and Husband Rebecca Brenner Hicks & Ralph Lee Hicks Jr. of Abita Springs, Grandsons Lawrence Brenner Jr. and Wayne Daigrepont, Kenner. Sister and brother in Law, Mary Lou and Joe Cutrer, Greensburg along with numerous nieces and nephews. He was a retired truck driver and US Air Force veteran, who loved horses and old western movies. Preceded in death by his parents, Fred and Edith Carter Johnson. Services conducted by Rev. Elester Raines and Rev. Nita Jenkins @ McKneely Funeral Home at Amite, LA. On May 26, 2008 from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM, in funeral chapel. Burial at Amite Memorial Gardens, Amite, LA. To follow the chapel services. Family and friends invited for the services. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to family at PO Box 7, Amite, LA. 70422. He was a member of College Town Baptist Church, Hammond, LA.

Baptist Press
May 23, 2008

MEXICO–Mexico City barrios tug at their hearts.

MEXICO–Kindling hope among Mexico City’s homeless.

MEXICO–Unshackling Mexico City to meet Jesus.

FLORIDA–At 48, he’s a new Navy chaplain.

THAILAND–Training manual to bolster Myanmar relief.

ETHIOPIA–Wildfire heightens Ethiopia hunger crisis.

GEORGIA–FIRST-PERSON (Henry Blackaby): Remembering America’s fallen.


I’ve heard two stories lately with a common theme:

Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick tells a story from his own childhood days. His father had said to his mother, upon leaving the house one Saturday in the morning hours: “Tell Harry that he can cut the grass today, if he feels like it.” Then, halfway down the walk, his father turned once more to add: “And tell Harry that he had better feel like it.”

A similar story:

A new elementary school was raising the American flag for the first time. To make the day special, they had invited a Marine Corps color guard to come out and perform the duty for them. The day before the ceremony, the Marine in charge of the unit called to confirm directions to the school. After doing so, he was asked by the school secretary whether he was sending Marines who like children. There was a brief pause on the other end of the line before the man replied, “Ma’am, if I tell them to like children, they will like children.”

Both of those stories emphasize the point that there is a big difference between doing something and wanting (or liking) to do it. And, as much as a father or a Marine sergeant may command someone to enjoy what they’re doing, it’s just not that simple!

I wish that it was! I can make Christians attend worship, but what I really desire is for them to WANT to attend worship. I can make Christians give more, but what I really desire to for them to WANT to give more. I can make Christians serve in a variety of capacities, but what I really desire is for them to WANT to serve more. It’s so much harder to change what people want to do than it is to change what they do.

But it’s not just hard to change it in others — it’s hard to make that change in my own life as well. I often find myself thinking that I need to pray more, study more, visit more, when what I’d really, really like to find such joy in those things that I WANT to do them more.

When you peel away the outer layers of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and get to the core of what Jesus is saying, this is the principle you find. Jesus doesn’t just want followers who don’t murder; he wants his followers to WANT to live in love. He doesn’t just want followers who don’t commit adultery; he wants his followers to WANT to be people of commitment and integrity. He doesn’t want followers who merely DO the right thing; he wants followers who WANT to do the right thing. He doesn’t just want the actions; he wants the heart.

“Now the purpose of the comamndment

is love from a pure heart,

from a good conscience,

and from sincere faith.”

~I Timothy 1:5~

I continue to struggle with how to change people’s hearts. I continue to struggle with how to change my own heart. May we seek to submit ourselves to the only One who can shape and mold us into what we were made to be.

Have a great day!

Alan Smith
Helen Street Church of Christ
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Show your love for people by helping with On Mission in Kentwood this morning.

Anna Lee

Friday Evening

On Mission in Kentwood

  • Meet Saturday morning at FBC at 8 A.M.
  • Light work and heavy work will be done
  • Bring chain saws, rakes, gloves, etc.
  • Bring plants/fresh flowers to share
  • Morning only
  • Contact me if you would like to work.
  • Contact me if you would like work done or know of a needed project.
  • Purpose – Let the people of Kentwood know we care about them; God does too!


“Blessed be God,

who has not turned away my prayer,

nor His mercy from me!”

~Psalm 66:20~

Jan Yarborough called to ask us to pray for her sister and brother-in-law. Jan’s sister, Jackie McDaniel, is going to New Orleans today to have her pacemaker checked. Depending on what the doctors find out today, Jackie may have to have surgery. Jackie’s husband, Don McDaniel, is in Summit Hospital in Baton Rouge. He will be having by-pass surgery Monday to correct several blockages. Please be i prayer for this couple and their extended family as they deal with two patients in two cities. Your prayers will be appreciated.

Friday, May 23, 2008

“Bless the LORD, O my soul,

and forget not all his benefits,

who forgives all your iniquity,

who heals all your diseases.”

~Psalm 103:2-3, ESV~

Dear Intercessors, this is Eleanor Witcher of the International Prayer Strategy Office, interceding with you for people with AIDS.

As the thin, gaunt man lay on the mat on the floor, he could barely speak. The room he lay in was small and stifling hot. His right arm was drawn up toward his chest. A caregiver had cleaned him up and was now doing exercises to prevent his arm from staying in that position. No family members were around, and he apparently had no one left. This is the scene in many rural villages in South Africa. People are dying at an alarming rate from AIDS. Pray for the Spirit of God to move evangelical churches to care for and witness to those infected and dying from AIDS. Only Jesus can change a culture.

A 16-year-old boy in Swaziland is caring for his brothers and sisters because both parents died of AIDS. Neighbors try to help as much as they can, but so many are caring for extended family members as well. Pray that the many orphans in Swaziland will have someone to care for them.

In Malawi, K has fallen in love with the youth, and God has made provision for her to teach here for six weeks: English, AIDS education and “True Love Waits” (an abstinence program). She will shine the light of Christ into the lives of dozens of girls, teaching them that they, too, can have the strength and courage to live a life of purity. K can offer hope for forgiveness for those who desire a real heart change.

*Please pray for K and others like her as they encounter young people ready to hear the message of Jesus’ life of purity.

*Intercede for people, asking that they will take responsibility for protecting friends and family members.

*Plead with the Lord for healing from spiritual depravity that leads to this terrible disease.

Baptist Press

May 22, 2008

WASHINGTON–British Parliament backs human-animal hybrids.

VIRGINIA–Church planters among 119 commissioned.

VIRGINIA–Jeffery Ginn selected as SBCV’s exec.

TENNESSEE–Wiley Drake to be SBC president nominee.

FLORIDA–Fla. Baptists to pray for rain June 1.

TENNESSEE–Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter killed by car.

VIRGINIA–WORLDVIEW (Erich Bridges): Hope in the rubble.

Kne Email
“At the name of Jesus every knee should bow…” (Philippians 2:10).
Mike Benson, Editor

UNDOUBTEDLY, ONE COULD find more contrasts than comparisons between Christ’s birth and death…

Yet, a study of both reveals some interesting parallels. Both changed the world and have altered the impact of eternity. Consider the following:

1) At both, He was rejected of men (Luke 2:7; Mark 15:15).

2) At both, He was cast “outside” (Luke 2:7; Hebrews 13:12).

3) At both, Mary was there (Luke 2:7; John 19:26).

4) At both, myrrh was present for use upon Him (Matt. 2:11; John 19:39).

5) At both, there was darkness (Matthew 2:10,14; Matt. 27:45).

6) At both, His body was wrapped in clothing (Luke 2:7,12; Mark 15:46).

7) At both, a Herod becomes curiously involved (Matt. 2:7ff; Luke 23:7ff).

8) At both, there was worship-though the first was genuine and the second mocking (Matt. 2:11 and Luke 2:13-14; Mark 15:19).

9) At both, wise men recognized His deity (Matthew 2:1ff; Mark 15:39 and Luke 23:41)

10) At both, Jew and Gentile were there.

11) At both, He was hailed as King-though one was in earnest and the other in jest (Matt. 2:2; Mark 15:26,32).

12) At both, an “honorable” man named Joseph was present (Matt. 1:19 + Luke 2:16; Mark 15:43).

13) At both we find the chief priests and scribes involved (Matt. 2:4-6; 27:1ff). (Neal Pollard)


“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,

and we beheld His glory,

the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,

full of grace and truth.”

~John 1:14~

Thanks for praying. Your prayers mean so much to so many.

Anna Lee


Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you!

As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

~John 20:21 (NIV)~



Deacon Hospital Ministry

  • Robert Wilson
  • Tom Brister

Nursery Volunteers for 5-25-08

  • Bobby Raborn
  • Wanda Miller
  • Susan Rimes
  • Paul Scott Schwartz

VBS Registration

  • June 1 & 8
  • Before worship service

On Mission in Kentwood

  • Saturday, 5-24 @ 8:00
  • Everyone can participate.

Graduate Sunday

  • May 25

VBS Needs

  • Pre-sweetened Kool-aid
  • Cookies

Annie Armstorng

  • Given – $12,505.30
  • Goal – $13,000.00

Baby Shower

  • Elisabeth H. Sanders
  • June 1
  • 2-4 P.M.
  • Fellowship Hall

THE WORTH OF A SERMON A couple of “preacher jokes” for you:

One Sunday morning, a preacher cut his face while shaving, and he placed a band-aid on the cut. After a longer-than-usual sermon, he explained, “In case you are wondering what happened to my face, while shaving I was concentrating on my sermon and I cut my face.” Afterwards, a woman said to him, “Next time, concentrate on your face and CUT THE SERMON.”

The minister selected a fifty-cent item at a convenience store, but discovered he didn’t have any money with him. “I could invite you to hear me preach in return,” he said jokingly to the owner, “but I’m afraid I don’t have any fifty-cent sermons.” “Perhaps,” suggested the owner, “I could attend twice.”

That raises an interesting question — how much are sermons worth? I can honestly say that some of mine have not been worth nearly as much as others. But if a sermon has effectively communicated the truth of God’s Word in such a way that we are led to understand better and to make application in our lives, then it is worth a great deal.

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!'” (Rom. 10:14-15)

Have you told your preacher lately what good-looking feet he has?

Have a great day!

Alan Smith
Helen Street Church of Christ
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Count your blessings today.

Anna Lee