Look at the birds of the air;

they do not sow or reap or store away in barns,

and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

Are you not much more valuable than they?

Who of you by worrying

can add a single hour to his life

~Matthew 6:26-27~


Officer Eddie Murphy, formerly of Kentwood,  has a serious medical issue.  Please be in prayer for him and for his family.

Nurse Lisa Whitner Carruth of Greensburg had recently been diagnosed with a problem. She is waiting for an upcoming appointment to learn more.  Her family invites you to join them in praying and trusting God in this situation.

Read the Bible in 2015John 13-15

Baptist Press

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


  • Operation  Christmas Child – collecting footwear this month
  • Frozen Food for Families – collecting in the morning before Sunday School
  • Women of the Bible – Studying Jezebel this week


Let God’s love rule in your lives.  

Anna Lee




“It was faith that made Moses leave Egypt

without being afraid of the king’s anger.

As though he saw the invisible God,

he refused to turn back.”

~Hebrews 11:27 TEV~


Wear Blue Today to Support Law Enforcement
This day has been set aside to honor to honor law enforcement.  Take time to pray for them when you see members of this group.

Susan Rimes will be going to see a doctor on September 30.  Let’s pray her pain can be eliminated or managed.

Doug Toney is still unable to walk.  His hospital days are almost up.  Pray for a place that can help him walk in the next three weeks.  Sandy says they need a miracle.

Mrs. Margaret Ann (Leroy) Wilson of the Monroe area.

“Asking for prayer for my family and especially my Mom. Today we found out she has a mass on her kidney and a nodule on her lung. It is causing erratic blood pressure and swelling in her legs and feet. We are believing for complete healing and that they are benign. Satan tried to bring fear and today we stopped that as we gathered in prayer. Please stand in agreement with us. Thank you!”


Read the Bible in 2015 Joel

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Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Women’s Ministry

  • Bible Study this Morning – “The Queen of Sheba” followed by lunch at the Hitching Post
  • Frozen Food for Families – Bring your food to my room before Sunday School this week.
  • Operation Christmas Child
    • The focus this month is on flip-flops, slippers, and socks.  Bring your items in labeled with a count.
    • We will be working to organize and inventory the items we have collected soon.  If you want to help, please let me know.


Wear blue today and be ready to pray for and encourage those wearing the uniform and serving to protect us daily.

Anna Lee



“The LORD has heard my plea for help;

the LORD accepts my prayer.”

~Psalm 6:9, HCSB~

God loves to hear from us, but He always makes the final decision.


Kent Roberts!

My heart races, my mind full… Please please keep my brother Ken in your thoughts & prayers. Tomorrow is a huge day for him with another open-heart surgery. He is fighting so hard. I can’t get him off my mind as I wonder what he must fear & anticipate in the coming hours, days, & weeks! I will tell you that we laughed plenty & made light of his situation as we joked about his new 6 cylinder heart replacement & assured him the Gap Bands, “burn rubber on me” would be playing in the OR! Serious though, please lift him up…What he needs only God can provide!                                                 ~ Ken’s sister, Cyndi~

Last night, Bubba Roberts was talking about going to see Ken last Saturday.  We had not realized Ken and Bubba are cousins.

Pray as often as you think of Ken and his family today.

Flo Hatcher (Written by daughter, Julee)
Prayers for my mommy please… She starts radiation on several tumors in her body tomorrow and a new cancer drug, along with the physical therapy she has to do to learn to use her leg with a steel rod in it from hip to knee. Her body is very busy trying to kill cancer and heal.
Otis Gayle Rodriguez

Born: July 27, 1940
Died: August 24, 2015


Read the Bible in 2015Proverbs 22


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • The Tyranny of the Perfect –

  • If we claim to be without sin,                                                                                                              we deceive ourselves                                                                                                                               and the truth is not in us.                                                                                                                                                           ~1 John 1:8~
  • “Whosoever” Surely Meaneth Me

Homebound Lord’s Supper

We were blessed to be part of a team that visited with Mrs. Susie Wales (and Chris and Kathy Wales) last night.  During the time we were there she prayed including thanking God her 95th birthday fell on the night of our visitation.  Her love for others and the Lord is just as steadfast as it always was.  I wish all of you would have fit into her home last night so you could have be blessed as we were.

Women’s Ministry

  • Operation Christmas Child – September items – shoes, slippers, and socks
  • Friday at 10:00 – Bible Study on the Queen of Sheba followed by lunch at the Hitching Post
  • Food for Families – Bring your frozen food items Sunday morning

I’m looking forward to another day, compliments of God.

Anna Lee



“Therefore, my dear brothers,

be steadfast,


always excelling in the Lord’s work,

knowing that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

~1 Corinthians 15:58, HCSB~


Jadon’s Journey

Jadon had a great check up with the opthamologist today. His vision was 20/30. Dr. said Jadon is accommodating for his visual field lose. Dr. said he is tracking well and he commented on how well Jadon is doing since the last time he saw him. We talked about prism glasses for him but he thinks they will be more of a headache than a help for him at this time. We may try them when he gets older but he said Jadon is doing really well for now! Keep overcoming those hurdles little man. You are my little miracle. I thank God daily for each new thing you accomplish.

Phillip Harrell

Please continue to pray for Mr. Phillip.  He is continuing to have a health issue.

Judy Bridges and her daughter, Becky

Judy had a heart attack yesterday and was taken to North Oaks.  Her daughter, Becky is also there.  Both of these ladies need our prayers.  Judy has two new stents and is feeling better.  She is still at the hospital today, but may come home later today.

Dan Turner’s New Post
Ponder Anew Blog 
Dorothy Elizabeth Brooks

Born: July 11, 1920
Died: August 29, 2015

Ponder Anew Blog


Read the Bible in 2015 I Chronicles 15-19

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Operation Christmas Child Reminders

  •  Please being any unopened kid’s meals toys that are appropriate for sharing.
  • Our focus this month is shoes, slippers, and socks.
  • We’ll need $7.00 per shoebox for shipping.  Thanks to those of you who have contributed to help meet this need.   We’ll hope to have enough collected soon.

Fall Food Round-up

  • Thank-you to those who have contributed food for the children’s home.
  • Donations can be left in the stairwell at the office entrance to the church.
  • The truck will be here September 21st for pick-up.

Homebound Lord’s Supper

  • Meet at the church Wednesday at 5:30.
  • Teams will be sent out to the various homes.
  • Sign up for a particular team by calling the church office or go where needed.

Frozen Food for Families

  • Freeze your food in quart size bags.
  • Bring to my Sunday School room before Sunday School this week.
  • Food will be given to families Sunday afternoon.
  • Thanks to those who have faithfully participated.
  • The food is always greatly appreciated.

Today, I want to leave you with this obituary.  I hope you will read every word.


Wana Ann Gibson Fort

Missionary doctor Wana Ann Gibson Fort, 91, died on Aug. 31 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fort and her husband, the late Milton “Giles” Fort Jr., served with the then-called Foreign Mission Board as pioneer missionary doctors at Sanyati Baptist Hospital in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). At this hospital, Fort and her husband helped launch a spiritual awakening through medical missions. The Forts, appointed as missionaries in 1952, led countless patients to Christ. “We were committed to being God’s hands of mercy and healing to souls and bodies,” she once said. She and her husband raised five sons in Zimbabwe. Three have served or continue to serve as missionaries with IMB. Two of the Forts’ sons are medical doctors. “Mom lived out the reality of her faith,” said Gordon Fort, one of Wana Ann’s sons and IMB senior ambassador. “As wife, momma, teacher, doctor, women’s worker, and serving missions support functions, she demonstrated what it means to live a life of obedience to the Master. It has been our incredible privilege to have been a part of her life’s journey.” During the Forts’ missionary service in Africa, the Shona people named Fort Mai Chiremba, meaning “Mother Doctor.” She led Chief Whozhele, the area leader at Sanyati, to faith in Jesus Christ after he was her patient. Fort was one of the first people that missionary Tim Cearley met when he arrived to serve in Rhodesia in 1976. Cearley now serves as IMB affinity group strategy leader for Sub-Saharan African peoples. “Her big smile and excitement about young people joining the force, as well as her love for discipling African people, was an inspiration to me after [her] over 25 years on the field,” he said. When Cearley and his wife returned to Africa as career missionaries in 1983, Wana Ann and Giles welcomed them into their home. From the Forts, the Cearleys learned a passion for language, culture and, most importantly, “a desire for people to come to know the Lord.” Cearley also noted that Fort was active in working with and discipling women. “It’s impossible to think about Wana Ann without thinking of their home in Sanyati, where they served as medical doctors,” he said. “The sons they raised in that place have also had a huge impact on Africa. I’m thankful for the years of knowing Wana Ann on the field, and since her retirement. She’s had an amazing life.” Fort served as a pediatrician at Sanyati until 1978. When the family moved to Harare (formerly Salisbury), Zimbabwe, she ministered in the church and at home. She also served as mission financial administrator and as treasurer. “When my youngest brother Grady was born with Down syndrome, it was Mom’s skills as a pediatrician in caring for his special needs that allowed them to stay on the field and continue their missionary service,” Gordon Fort said. “The fact that Grady is alive today at 54 and thriving is a tribute to her medical gifts.” The Forts retired from missionary service in September 1988 after nearly 36 years with IMB. Wana Ann Fort wrote an autobiography of her years as a missionary doctor, “A Thousand Times Yes,” from New Hope Publishers. “Way more than once we were asked, ‘Do you really like living in Africa?'” she said in the book. “I did not have to think about my answer. It was always a thousand times, ‘Yes!'” About her call to missions to this remote area, Fort wrote, “I came to the place in prayer that I could tell the Lord this was impossible for me to do, but I would commit my way to Him, trusting in Him to bring it all to pass for His honor. How marvelous it is that God knows the best way for His children!” Fort was born June 21, 1924, in Harrisonburg, Louisiana, and was the oldest of seven girls. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior at age 12. Throughout her childhood, she was involved in Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) educational programs, where she developed a love for international missions. Fort attended Louisiana Tech University during World War II; in fact, during her first semester, Pearl Harbor was bombed in December 1941. While attending a Baptist Student Union conference at Ridgecrest, a LifeWay Conference Center in North Carolina, Fort dedicated her life to world missions and planned to be a missionary doctor. During her college years, she met her husband, Giles, of Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M University and planned to attend medical college. After completing service in the Navy, he also intended to become a missionary doctor. Wana Ann Fort graduated from Louisiana Tech in the fall of 1944, summa cum laude. Giles and Wana Ann were married on June 14, 1946, in Harrisonburg, and both attended Baylor College of Medicine. Wana Ann Fort graduated with honors from Baylor College of Medicine in 1949, one of three women in a class of 62 graduates. She worked as a doctor in pediatrics at Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, Texas. Fort was a lifelong member of WMU, and a member of Parkview Baptist Church in Baton Rouge. Her survivors include five sons: Giles Fort III, M.D., of Louisiana, David Fort, M.D., West Africa, Gordon Fort, Virginia, Gregg Fort, Zimbabwe, and Grady Fort, Louisiana; four daughters-in-law; 14 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; four sisters and two brothers-in-law: Jane Noonan, of Florida, Polly and Don Hamilton, Oklahoma, Evelyn and Wayne McDonald, South Carolina, and Rose Ellzey, Louisiana; and nieces and nephews. Nearly 250 cumulative years of missionary service are represented in the Fort family. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that contributions be made to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering through a Southern Baptist church or online through IMB. Visitation will be held at Greenoaks Funeral Home on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 from 6:00 pm – 9:00pm. A Memorial Service will be held at Parkview Baptist Church, 11795 Jefferson Hwy. in Baton Rouge at 10:00 am on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 . A Graveside Service will be held at Louisiana National Cemetery at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.

– See more at:

That’s a life/family that speaks up for God.  I’m sure this song exemplifies her life.

She asked and He did!

Anna Lee


“There is more happiness in giving

than in receiving.”

~Acts 20:35b TEV~



Operation Christ Child – “Shoeboxes” for children who live all around the world

  • September – Footwear (Flip-flops and socks)
  • You are also free to choose a “paper bag” and fill it as listed.


Friday’s Bible Study – The Queen of Sheba


Read the Bible in 20152 Timothy 1-2


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Verify the Truth” –
  • [The Bereans] searched the Scriptures daily                                                                                 to find out whether these things were so.                                                                                                                                                            ~ Acts 17:11~
  • “Holy Bible, Book Divine”


I’m thankful for this Lord’s Day and looking forward to being at church today.  I’m looking forward to leading my class for our lesson on hospitality today.

Anna Lee


“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

~Matthew 28:19a, HCSB~



Andrew Charles Messina


Read the Bible in 2015John 10-12




Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Frozen Food for Families – You have a week to freeze some more food for our collection on the first Sunday of September.


Ladies’ Bible Study – Following our study of the Queen of Sheba next week, we will eat lunch at the Hitching Post in Amite.  I’m looking forward to Friday.


Operation Christmas Child – Unopened Kid’s Meal Toys – If someone you know likes the size of “Kid’s Meals”, but not the toys, please ask them to save the unopened toys.  They can be used in the shoeboxes.  Thanks!


Senior Adult Revival – September 14, 15, and 16.  Mark your calendar.


If you have not already prepared your lesson for Sunday School, use some quality time today to do so.

Anna Lee


“Where your treasure is,

there your heart will be also.”

~Matthew 6:21 NIV~

Ken Roberts is so much better.  He has a long ways to go still, so keep praying.

Smiley Conerly was doing better yesterday.  Please continue to pray for him.

Dan Turner’s  blog

The ladies’ night last night was wonderful!  Thanks to the ladies who helped make it a success.  May it have improved our lives and others in a little way.

The president of the International Mission Board, David Platt,  has proposed some changes for sending missionaries.  The plan is to send fewer career missionaries, but be more effective in reaching the world at the same time.

Read the Bible in 2015Hosea 8:14


Devotional, Scripture, Quotes, and a Song

End your week by doing something to follow the greatest hero ever to walk on this earth, Jesus!

Anna Lee