“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Cleanse your hands, you sinners;

and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

~James 4:8, NKJV~


Macy Gueldner’s family is celebrating an anniversary this week.  It’s been a year since she was diagnosed.  The lives of each family member have been greatly changed, but they certainly “stepped up” and did all within their power to support Macy in her big battle.  I thank God for the grandmother who reached out to us for prayer and for the faith and faithfulness of the family during this difficult year.  It’s been my honor to pray for Macy and the family this year.

Mr. Jay Hugh Young is in rehab in Hammond.  Let’s pray he will soon be well enough to return to the Sixth Ward.

Disaster Relief Work in the West Monroe area yesterday:

  • The La. Baptist Children’s Home had thirty trees down.
  • “There were 51 volunteers today (Tuesday) completed 20 jobs assessed many others, with three injuries
    One fell and broke his hip, one fell and broke his arm and one passed out due to being overheated and a diabetic.
    Pray for their recovery.”

(Information via Dr. Gibbie McMillian)

  • Of course, in addition to the children’s home, there were churches, homes, businesses, etc. that had damage.  Many people are without electricity.  Many people cannot move around easily because of the number of trees down.  Let’s lend support in any way we can.  Thankfully, we have our Baptist Disaster Relief workers willing to step in and do all they can.  What a great program!

I hope you are making plans to attend our Third Thursday meeting tomorrow night at the cabin.

Yesterday, at Hope Center, I talked with one of two ladies there that I did not know. It turned out they live in my neighborhood.  It was good to meet them and to begin a new friendship through our ministry at Hope.  Hope Center is doing well in bringing like-minded people together and in providing a service that is needed in our association.  Thank-you to each person who helped with the vision, the opening process, or the daily operation there. May God  richly bless you for your concern for the needs of others.

Operation Christmas Child – We will be packing the shoe boxes November 1st.  It’s not too late to bring in a few more items for the children.

Friday Morning Bible Study – There are some guides for the study of Rebekah on the table at the entrance to the fellowship hall.  You may want to get one to use as we look forward to our study Friday morning.

Looking ahead to next week:

  • Associational WMU meeting at New Zion Baptist Church Monday at 10:00
  • Young at Heart Tuesday morning at New Zion Baptist Church Tuesday at 10:30
  • Prayer Meeting/Touch Ministry at FBC,K Wednesday at 6:00
  • Ladies’ Night (A Coffee Break) at FBC, K Thursday at 6:15
  • Friday Morning Bible Study of Rachel at 10:00

Baptist Press –

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Seeing Upside Down” –
  • Those who are well have no need of a physician,                                             but those who are sick.                                                                                                                                                                 ~Matthew 9:12~
          I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen.                                                     I must bring them also.”                                                                                                                                                                          ~John 10:16~

   ( Are you, as a Christian, participating in classes, projects, activities, programs, etc.            that will “Bring Them In”?  I think that is our purpose here.)

Consider the eternal value of your life.  Are you making a difference?  

Anna Lee


“For the Son of Man has come

to seek and to save the lost.”

~Luke 19:10, HCSB~


Mr. Bobby Lawson will be having surgery today in Hammond.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Wayne Criswell – Wayne’s cancer of five years ago has returned.  He will begin chemo today and continue at three week intervals indefinitely.  Mary asks that we pray for Wayne and for the family.  I’m sure you will.

Young at Heart will meet at 10:30 Tuesday at New Zion Baptist Church for a brief program and a pot-luck lunch.

We will host the Third Thursday Meeting at the cabin at 6:30 Thursday.

Operation Christmas Child 

  • “Our shoebox lady went home to be with the Lord this year in May. She was a retired teacher and loved kids. She would fill 600 shoebox gifts each year. This year in Memory of Elaine we are working to add 600 extra shoebox gifts wrapped in gold, red and green foil papers to bring together and then take pictures of the boxes to send to her family.” – Christine P.
  • “While our world is shaking and crumbling, we need to realize that one thing will never change, and that is God. He is the same today as he was ten million years ago, and will be the same ten million years from today.” – Billy Graham
  • “My 104 year old Mom carefully packing her Shoebox for 4 special little girls. Never too old to send a little doll and a teddy bear and spread the love of Jesus through this shoebox.” – Claire. A. — with Jennifer Mcafee.
  • Nikola is a young boy living in Serbia being raised by his grandmother and grandfather. In his shoebox gift, Nikola got a toy car, which he loves more than anything else in the world. He also got a teddy bear that he sleeps with every night. He calls it his brother.
  • “I have 3 grandchildren, so I do 3 shoeboxes. The whole family is in on collecting items for the boxes all year. It warms my heart when one of my grandchildren puts a Sonic toy or some other small item on my desk and tells me ‘it is for the boxes’. At the time I pack them I add a Christmas card and a Birthday card for that child. The birthday card can be an avenue to start the conversation about Christ’s birth. I’ll never know what impact my boxes have on anyone but I know I have done what my heart felt lead to do to share Christ’s LOVE.” – Peggy D.
  • Have you put your heart into OCC this year.  If you have, thank you.  If not, it’s not too late.  We have until the end of this month to make original or additional purchases. – ala

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Timely Words” –
  • A word fitly spoken                                                                                                     is like apples of gold in settings of silver.                                                                                                           ~Proverbs 25:11~
  • “Wonderful Words of Life”

I haven’t heard or even thought of this song in a long time.  I hope it “plays” in my heart and mind all day today.

Family Update – David and I made emergency flights to Richmond and kept our grandchildren so their parents could be in Texas with family members during  a difficult time.  We were so blessed by that experience.  We got to witness their everyday life both as grandparents and parents.  I am so thankful we had that time together, especially because their parents were much needed in Texas.  We got home last night and look forward to learning what we missed and getting back in our routine.  Home always looks extra good after being away.

Thanks for your faithfulness to God, family, friends, and total strangers through your prayers.  One prayer I have had lately is for more prayer time and more depth to my prayers.  I’m sharing it with you so I will be more diligent to do that.  You will be my accountable partners.  Thanks, friends.

Anna Lee


“I must proclaim the good news

about the kingdom of God to the other towns also,

because I was sent for this purpose.”

~Luke 4:43, HCSB~


“Not everyone has heeded the good news.”

~Romans 10:16a, NASB~


Mrs. Jerry Pulliam is hospitalized in Franklinton at Riverside Hospital, room 101.  Her son, Chuck, asks that you pray for God’s will in her situation.

“15 Church Facility Issues” by Thom S.  Rainer

Operation Christmas Child

  • 5 Years ago, Pastor Sosa organized a small distribution for some children in a remote community in Belize. Most of the children were immigrants whose parents worked on the citrus plantations in grueling conditions. After the distribution, the children kept coming back to the area where the boxes were given out. Pastor Sosa began to organize Sunday Schools for the children in the yard of one of the parents. A church congregation grew out of the outreach. He later moved to the area and today the church meets under a thatch shelter in the front of his yard which was erected with the help of some of the parents. He plans to continue ministering to the community and to obtain land on which to erect a permanent facility.
  • Karie Robertson of Kansas loves to pack shoeboxes. She loves it so much that she has a stack of more than 700 empty shoeboxes in her basement that are ready to be packed with gifts! Many of her friends and family shop local deals throughout the year and help with donations for the packing process. It’s Christmas all year round for Karie!How many shoebox gifts will you pack this year?
  • Check out our Pinterest board for instructions to make pillowcase dresses like these! — with Margie Bond Cornwell and Jessica Stubbs.
  • “My daughter Jessica and her best friend Sylonn telling their story of how OCC impacts their lives. Through packing these shoeboxes they are closer to Jesus, and understanding that kids around the world need him as well.” – Voeun V.

Hope Center

At nine this morning, the first shipment of food will arrive.  The first distribution will be Friday.  Much work will be needed in the meantime.  Call Hope Center or Sylvester to volunteer to help in the food pantry.  The Hope Center number is 247-2235.

The Annual Two Rivers Associational Meeting will be Sunday night at FBC,K.  Plan to attend to learn about what is going on in our association and to hear a good message.

Don’t forget about the jambalaya dinner Sunday after morning worship.  The donations given will benefit Hope Center.

Our Daily Bread Devotional – “A Faithful Helper” –

Thank-you for your faithfulness to prayer.  Your prayers each day make a difference.

Anna Lee


I was working on The Prayer Link EARLY this morning.  When the weather got bad, I shut down the computer thinking it would save my work as has always been done.  I suppose the bad weather prevented the satellite from getting my post, so now I am starting over.  This may not be as good as the first, but I will try to get it posted as quickly as possible.  Please excuse the delay.

“Sing to the LORD, who dwells in Zion;

proclaim His deeds among the nations.”

~Psalm 9:11, HCSB~


Connor Corkern

Connor is back in Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.  Please pray for him to feel better soon.


Paul had an angiogram and stent Wednesday.  His mom, Virgie, had an angiogram yesterday.  Please thank God for modern heart procedures the prevent bigger problems.

Jambalaya Lunch

  • FBC, Kentwood on October 12 at noon
  • Benefit – Hope Center in Roseland
  • Donations only!
  • Area churches can participate by calling in a number by Wednesday.  Pick-up at 11:30 on the 12th.
  • Jambalaya by Marty, White beans by Mike, Dessert by ladies of the church

Georgia Barnett Offering for Louisiana Missions

FBC,K has already collected 72% of the $8,000 goal for 2014.  Let’s surpass the goal again!

Operation Christmas Child

  • The fabric totes for each shoebox are almost all made.  Thanks to the ladies who have helped cut, stitch, or put in drawstrings.
  • Some boxes need to be put together all need to be filled.  This will happen on November 1st.  Plan to attend our first OCC Christmas Party.

Hope Center

  • Hope is reaching out in a big way!
  • Gravel was put on the new clay driveway around the building yesterday.
  • Sixty-five families have been signed up for food.
  • The first food will be delivered Monday.
  • Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon will be the times for more applications.
  • Friday morning, we will distribute the first food.
  • The thrift store is doing well.
  • See/call me to volunteer for the thrift store or the food bank.

Baptist Press –

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Filtered Light” –
  • It is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness,                   who has shone in our hearts.                                                                                                                                                                   ~2 Corinthians 4:6~
  • “The Light of the World is Jesus” –

                          Come to the light, ’tis shining for thee;
                          Sweetly the light has dawned upon me;
                         Once I was blind, but now I can see;
                         The light of the world is Jesus.

I like that this site also allows you to see the music for the melody just by clicking a                     tab.


Come to the Light (Jesus)!

Anna Lee


“A word aptly spoken

is like apples of gold in setting of silver.”

~Proverbs 25:11~


Today, let’s pray for categories of people.

  • Those who do not know Jesus as their Savior.
  • Those who are hungry or lacking housing and other basic needs.
  • Those who have difficult family or work relationships.
  • Those who are lonely (sometimes even though there are many people around them).
  • Those who have major decisions and lack the knowledge or judgment to make good decision.
  • Those whose lives seem to be a series of poor choices.
  • Those who live in the past or present, but cannot relate to both.
  • Those who are hurting, seemingly without relief.
  • Those who are homebound.
  • Those who do not have relationships/conversations with other people all day.
  • Those who have sent a loved one away to college, a job, etc.
  • Those who are family caregivers.
  • Other situations as they come to your mind….

God love each of these people.  He has placed us here on earth to fill in for Him to minister to these people.  Let’s find ways, daily, to help others.

Operation Christmas Child

  • Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have relieved me in my distress; Have mercy on me, and hear my prayer. – Psalm 4:1 (NKJV)
  • “This is the beginning of our “sort”, just getting things in the appropriate aged boxes, next step to actually pack them so all the goodies fit inside nicely! There are 35 here and we probably have enough stuff to do a lot more. Feeling blessed to be able to share these with kids all over the world!” – Kari B.
  • Sophia, the daughter of a Pastor in Belize, received a shoebox gift in her church 5 years ago. Sophia was then a young teenager and was excited to be receiving a gift. Sophia saw her parents organize the event and saw the impact on the children. She became more involved in her church eventually helping to lead the youth ministry. This year when OCC came back to her community, she was the main coordinator for the event in her church and also encouraged and assisted her parents to mobilize other churches in the community to participate in the program. She is now actively involved in community activities and is doing her degree at the local university so that she can bring change to her community.
  • After his life is spared, a boy comes to faith in Christ when he receives a shoebox gift from Operation Christmas Child.
  • If you like to include a picture in your shoebox gift, … (a) DIY frame would be a fun addition! Encouragement, comfort, and support go a long way in helping people get through the difficult days of their lives.  
  • “Super proud of our family’s “stash” for Operation Christmas Child!
    We have everything from school supplies, toys, clothes, and hygiene products! We set a goal to fill twice as many boxes as last year and I’m pretty sure we’ll end up packing more than that!” – Dora L.

Frozen Food for the First of the Month

If you have not put up some frozen food to share this month, it’s not too late.  You can also send small packs of vegetables/fruit you froze when the food was harvested.  Another option is to purchase suitable frozen food. Think about different food groups,  What would you want to eat?  Some other ideas would be breakfast foods, desserts, and cooked meat.  Be sure to package or purchase small quantities.  There will be only two people in each of the families we are sharing with this month.

Bring your food to my Sunday School classroom before class this week.  The food will be delivered Sunday.

Thank-you to those who have shared.  You certainly have been a blessing to those who cannot or no longer could prepare good meals for their themselves and their loved ones.

Hope Center
First, let me say I’m so thankful for volunteers who have signed up to help.  There were four more from my church today.  I know they will be blessed each day they volunteer.  Our volunteer list is up to fifty, but that we will need and be thankful for more volunteers as new services are added.  Next week, that will be the food delivery to people who qualify.
Today, applications will again be taken for our first food delivery.  Applications will be taken at Home Center in Roseland from 1:00 – 5:00.  It is a simple process.
The first delivery of food to the center will be some time Monday.  Volunteers will be needed Tuesday – Thursday to organize the food and to pack the boxes.  Other volunteers will be needed to assist in the delivery of food on Friday.  Let me know if you can be one of these volunteers or call 247-2235 and leave your name and day/time with them.
God blesses!  That’s a guarantee!
If you have volunteered, let me compliment you on the way you talked and worked with those who came into Hope Center.  You have each displayed a tender, Christian heart of service.  Others have been blessed each and every day!
I need to share something else that touches my heart every day.  There is a large magazine rack of Bibles and other Christian literature that is free to anyone who chooses to make some selections.  I have seen this happen each and every day I was there.  I always had it provided by my family and my church, but that is not true for some people.  That’s another ministry of Hope Center .
Baptist Press
I trust you are enjoying the new format.  I am.
Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

What a comforting thought and song!

Cindy Milton McIntyre

Born: October 12, 1959
Died: September 29, 2014

Have a blessed day by being a blessing to someone else!

Anna Lee


“There is no fear in love,

but perfect love casts out fear.

For fear has to do with punishment,

and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”

~1 John 4:18, ESV~


Please continue your prayers for Sherman Cutrer who is still having problems with his arm.

This is our “four churches Sunday” of the month.  We are so blessed!

The craft day for Operation Christmas Child finished the projects we started two weeks ago.  Now, I’m really looking forward to November 1st.  That’s when we have a Christmas party and pack the shoeboxes.

Hope Center

  • Hope Center had a great week two.  Local people are discovering we are there.  Out-of-town people are discovering us as they travel on the “backroads”.
  • We are selling summer clothes for half of an already low price in order to make room for putting out winter clothing soon.
  • We HAD some furniture this week.  If you have some to share, please let us know.
  • New lighting has been donated and is in preparation for installation.  We are so blessed to have men who have skills to do some of the things we need done without having to pay someone else.
  • Volunteers are working once and signing up to come back and bring someone with them.  I think that speaks highly of what God is doing.
  • Donations are rolling in.  We are so thankful for your support.
  • We have received coat hangers from a number of people, but can use more for children’s clothing and for hanging pants.
  • Our biggest news for the coming week is that we will begin taking applications for the food program Tuesday morning at 9:00 A.M.  The plans are to take applications on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • If you have not stopped by, please do so.

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Every Hardship”
  •  My grace is sufficient for you,                                                                                                                     for My strength is made perfect in weakness.                                                                                                                                                                                      ~2 Corinthians 12:9~
  • “Great is Thy Faithfulness” –

I’m looking forward to a great day!  I trust you have plans to be in God’s House with God’s People studying God’s Word.  (Note: All people are God’s people “in my book”, because He created us all.)

Anna Lee



Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.
~Proverbs 3:5-6~


Mr. Bobbie Lawson is home from North Oaks.   I’m sure he is thankful to be back in Kentwood.

Nancy Carruth‘s nodule on her lungs is NOT cancerous.  An appointment is scheduled for Wednesday so her doctor can keep up with her kidney stone problem.  She’s looking good.  hank you for praying for her during time.

Operation Christmas Child

  • In a country searching for salvation, OCC shares the hope and love of Jesus Christ through shoebox gifts!
  • In 2006, OCC delivered over 568,000 shoebox gifts to children in the Ukraine! — with Maria Sullivan Galyta.
  • “Two of my great grandchildren ages 4 and 7 and I do this each year. They love shopping for the boxes to send to other children. It does my heart good to hear them say it’s for kids who need a Christmas present. It’s something I love doing with them.” – Pat J.
  • My mother is 86 and she has been sewing bags for our shoeboxes for the last few years. She also has been sewing the little tic tac toe games. She does quilting and uses the scraps. It gives her something to do and it is a blessing for our church.” – Karen C.

    You can make tic tac toe boards for your shoebox gifts too! Check out the instructions here:

  • “What an honor to work with these students from McDowell Early College as they partnered with Operation Christmas Child to make over 100 bracelets, 50 cards of encouragement and 100 notepads for shoebox gifts this year. One student shared ‘It is such a blessing to send encouragement to others!’” – Nicole S.
  • It’s time to answer another frequently asked question! Today’s question – where do the boxes go?

    OCC delivers shoebox gifts to over 100 countries, which vary from year to year. You can Follow Your Box and learn the country it is delivered to by making your $7 shipping donation online:

  • The boxes are collected during National Collection Week, which is Nov.17-24 this year. A zip code locator will be available on our website after Oct. 1, so you can find your nearest drop-off location. During National Collection Week, more than 4,000 local drop-off sites will open, so there should be one near you.…/drop-off-locations/
  • In Chad, the children and their families are thankful for the ministry of OCC there. “We have gotten many things we need for our school year (pen, notebooks, pencils, clothes and so on). We pray that God, the Almighty, blesses all those who remembered us this year” they declared.

Craft Day for Operation Christmas Child

  • 1:00 P.M. today
  • FBC,K’s fellowship hall
  • All materials provided
  • Join us and be blessed

Hope Center Volunteers

Contact me at home or at Hope Center to schedule  your day/hours.  The number at Hope is 247-2235.

Bible Study – We studied Dorcus yesterday.  The challenge is for each of us to be more and more like her. (Acts 9: 36-42)

Baptist Press – via 

‘Kept here for His glory,’ Abedini writes

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Thank-you for checking this site and for praying.  Join us for craft day if you can.  Be in the church of your choice Sunday.  Us the other days to “Do Something!”.

Anna Lee