Thursday – FBC

Men’s Rally

  • Camp Living Waters, Loranger
  • March 3 @ 6 P.M.
  • Dr. Waylon Bailey, Speaker
  • Good food & music
  • Cost: Love offering
  • See Bro. Joey is you would like to attend.

Please pray for those going to the Student Life Tour in Hattisburg, February 29 – March1:

  1. Wendell Rhodus
  2. Job Hulkaby
  3. Paul Scott Schwartz
  4. Christian Sullivan
  5. Lauren Ard
  6. Ashley Wicker
  7. Haley Piner
  8. Jacob Daniels
  9. Jacob Moore
  10. Colton Splane
  11. Eli Allen
  12. Sarah Konzleman
  13. Gavin Gehringer
  14. Carey Darcey
  15. Kelsi Hayden
  16. Morgan Shockley
  17. Lily Edwards
  18. Laila Edwards
  19. Roy Turner
  20. Diane Turner
  21. Elisabeth Sanders
  22. Chinero Fowler
  23. Marty Simpson
  24. Bucky Erwin

Nursery Volunteers for Sunday, February 24th

  1. Gail Brister
  2. Sharon Martin
  3. Walter Dykes
  4. Kathy Dykes

Goal for Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – $13,000.00


Leroy Stringfield wrote from Prattville, Alabama:

. . . . We’re okay. The tornado his our subdivision about a half mile behind our house. Much devastation! We had no telephone,computer or t.v. from Sunday until this morning. I found a brief message from Landrum on the phone messages. So I’ve already contacted him this morning. Sorry about your close tornado. I remember as a 5 year old child in Kentwood that a deadly tornado in Amite deposited a doctor’s body high into a tree–permanent impression! . . . –Leroy

Bro. Butch Reviere is now home and recovering from the infection. Pray for him. His appetite will be back soon. You can minister to him with cards, calls, and homecooked meals. Please continue to pray for him.

Pray for Mrs. Jeanette Rodus. She’s in North Oaks in Hammond still trying to recover from her recent fall. I know she would appreciate your prayers and other ministry actions.

Mr. Henry Harris is feeling better. He had a good visit with his doctor yesterday. Thank God for Christian friends who check on Mr. Henry and help get him to the doctor when he is unable to drive himself. Please continue to pray for Mr. Henry and “Miss” Emma.

Karen Miller’s brother, Aubrey Perry in Alabama, just received another report on is melanoma condition. It was not good. He will begin nine weeks of a new treatment. Please be in prayer for him and his family. Bro. Joey and Karen will be traveling today to visit with him. Pray for them as they travel.


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

  • Goal: $18,000.00
  • Received: $17,784.96

AARP Driver’s Course

  • Wednesday
  • 8:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M/
  • Call the church office to sign up


  • Check the kitchen to see if you have any dishes there.
  • Thanks!

Student Life Tour

  • An experience in God’s Word
  • Feb. 29 – March 1
  • Temple Baptist Church, Hattisburg
  • $25.00 per student (youth & college) + money for meals, etc.
  • $25.00 due Feb. 27

Deacons for Feb. 17-23

  • James Miller
  • Harrell Sharkey

Contact Information

  • Office – 985-229-8111
  • Bro. Joey – 985-229-4381
  • Bro. Butch – 985-229-7502
  • Bro. Bucky – 985-25259-8189
  • Lauree – 985-229-8552
  • Toll Free (Office) – 888-211-6042
  • Nursery – 985-229-5430
  • E-mail –