Saturday Evening – Hatchels

The “eagle has landed”!

Jennie called to say they were home and about to get in their own beds. They had water; the heat was working. It will be warm later. All the luggage arrived with them.

They had several experiences (rough landing, bad weather, malfunctioning plane that had to be replaced, etc.) that continued to complicate their trip, but God was faithful to get them safely home.

Thank-you for being so faithful to pray. Your prayers are always appreciated!

Saturday Afternoon – Hatchels

If the Hatchels were able to make all connections and weather conditions did not delay any flights, the Hatchels should have completed their third flight now. They needed to go through customs and get all their luggage. Hopefully, a friend brought them a van to use to transport the family two hours away to their home.

The process is long and very tiring. Pray for them as they travel and hopefully get home in the next few hours. Pray that when they get there, things will go smoothly. Pray everything is okay in their house, the heating system quickly heats the house, and everyone can get some much needed rest.

Jennie told me it to “Assume things are going smoothly unless you hear otherwise”. I haven’t heard “otherwise”, so I’m praying and trusting that wherever they are God is watching over them, providing for and protecting them. Thank God for that assurance He gives His children.


“Great are the works of the LORD,

studied by all who delight in them.

Full of splendor and majesty is his work,

and his righteousness endures forever.”

~Psalm 111: 2-3, ESV~


The Hatchel family should be on their second flight by now.

Some people we need to pray for daily:

  • Mr. Henry Harris
  • Mr. Charley Kuss
  • Smiley Conerly
  • Chuck Pittman
  • Randy Fairburn
  • Margaret and Randy Hart
  • Aubrey Perry
  • Billy Wilkinson
  • Sammy Broyles

Friday – Hatchels

We took the Hatchels (plus 13 suitcases/crates, 2 carry-ons, 4 backpacks, and 2 computer bags) to the airport today. We were surprised to learn the first flight was canceled (even though Boyd had confirmed it last week). The three flights were rescheduled. The old iteniary is “out the window”.

They will be arriving in Prague later than first expected. Please continue to pray today, tonight, and tomorrow night. I’ll let you know when we hear from them.

You can also pray for it heat up quickly in their house. The outside temperature should be about freezing. The inside temperature will be that cold too!

As always, your prayers are greatly appreciated!


“For everyone who asks receives,

and he who seeks finds,

and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

~Matthew 7:8~



Kids on Mission Pray

“Let the little children come to Me, and don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these,” Luke 18:16b

Everyone Loves Music!

People who sing well or play a musical instrument get to go places and perform. Many South Korean Christians travel all over the world and play concerts. Please pray for these Christians who want to go to countries near South Korea to play music and tell others about Jesus. Pray for those who listen to the beautiful songs that they will also be singing praise to Jesus soon.

Portugal Musical Center

Almost halfway around the world from South Korea is the country of Portugal and Emily lives there. Emily Rose is a journeyman—that means she is a young missionary who is living overseas for two years. She works with teenagers (12-17 years old) in Lisbon, Portugal. Emily and some friends are trying to open a community musical center where teens can get involved in music and art. They will have groups that sing, play instruments, act in dramas, and pantomime. The center will have a coffee-bar too. Well, it will when they find a place to meet. Please pray that Emily and her friends will be allowed to go to high schools and meet teenagers there. They really want to work with teenagers who come from broken homes. Ask God to help them make contact with teachers who will help them start the community musical center. Pray for the teenagers in Lisbon, Portugal. Pray they will understand that Emily and her friends love them and want to help. Pray they will learn to play music together and will hear about the love of Jesus.


Pray for me to be a healthy and happy little boy. I have a new little brother. CLINT, age 3 (South Asia)

Dear God. Help me to learn Chinese. JM, age 10 (East Asia)

Please ask God that I would be nice to others and make friends with my neighbors. ALISSA, age 11 (South Asia)

My grandpa died four years ago and I still haven’t gotten over it. Please pray that I feel better soon. AL, age 9 (East Asia)

Pray that I will be a light and speak truth to my friends at the park. Also pray that I can learn to control my anger and think of others. BRENDAN, age 10 (South Asia)

Pray for the youth and college & career age students as they attend a conference in Hattisburg this weekend.

Pray for the Hatchels as they begin their journey home today. As always, your prayers will be appreciated.

Carl Wayne Stevens, a former resident of this area, had a stroke last week while undergoing a procedure. He will be in rehabilitation in Jackson for the next 18 days. Pray for him and his family during this time.

Monday – Travel Schedule

Hatchel Family

  • New Orleans -> Chicago (2:42 P.M. -> 5:09 P.M. Friday)
  • Chicago -> Frankfurt (6:53 P.M. -> 10:15 A.M. Saturday)
  • Frankfurt -> Prague (11:50 A.M. -> 12:55 P.M. Saturday)

All times are local to the city they will be in, not our central time.

Pray for them as they:

  • Complete packing and other final tasks here
  • Travel across seven time zones
  • Go through customs in the States and in Europe
  • Travel through four airports
  • Try to make all connections on time
  • Have seating that does not always keep the family together
  • Try to keep up with the maximum amount of luggage
  • Meet colleagues who will bring their vehicle and help with luggage
  • Make a two-hour drive to Brno
  • Adjust to the change of time zones
  • Continue their ministry in the Czech Republic

Thursday – Hatchels

Pray for the Hatchels as they deal with sickness in the week before they depart for home. Mason had a virus Sunday and Monday. Then, Madison got it. Now, Boyd has the flu. Boyd has a trip to Birmingham and Memphis Tuesday. Pray he will be strong enough by them to make the trip.

They are trying to accomplish all the goals they had set. For example, Mallory wanted to go to an art museum. Jennie will take her today. Thank God for all the little things they have been able to do while on Stateside assignment.