Do not lie to each other,

since you have taken off your old self with its practices

and have put on the new self,

which is being renewed in knowledge

in the image of its Creator.

~Colossians 3: 9-10 (NIV)~

Koltyn Gafford (Written by his dad about midnight)

Today has been an exciting and stressful day. We stopped sedation at 8:30 and he began to come to, then Koltyn got his ventilator tube taken out around 10:00 and seem to be doing fine for a lil while. We had a few breathing issues so Doc. decided to place him on Bipap just to help him a lil more. He still gets agitated easily & needs medication to relax him. Please continue to pray that his transition is a smooth one.

Mrs. Kathryn Kuss is improving from her recent fall.  She hopes to get out a little later in the week and to be at church next Sunday.  Keep praying for her complete recovery.

“Miss” Kathryn’s brother, Mr. Cush Shaw of Hammond, will soon be having surgery for a spinal problem.  Pray he gets some relief.  Pray for the medical staff who will be involved with his surgery.

Mrs. Hazel Smith’s surgery is scheduled for Monday morning.  If all goes well, this will be out-patient surgery.  “Miss” Hazels daughters are taking good care of her.

Food for Convenience of Two Families 

  • Bring to my classroom this morning.  The food will be delivered today.
  • Family 1 – Quart-size bags of one dish meals and sugarless desserts
  • Family 2 – Fresh or fresh frozen fruits and vegetable (not chemically processed)

Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions

The Hope Center will reopen Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Operation Christmas Child 

  • Check the table across from the kitchen in the area of the fellowship hall.
  • Get a bag, for your class or family, to fill this month.
  • Repeat the process for ten months.

Thom S. Rainer’s “Top 14 Posts of 2014”

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Daily Bible Reading for Sunday

Romans 1-2

I hope you will find your way to a church where you feel comfortable, blessed, and “fed” today.  

Anna Lee


“What is my strength, that I should wait?

And what is my end, that I should endure?”

~Job 6:11 NASB~


Not that I have already obtained this

or am already perfect,

but I press on to make it my own,

because Christ Jesus has made me his own.  

~Philippians 3:12 ESV~


Macy Gueldner

Martha Traylor Update – She has two infections and dehydration.  Doctors are working to clear up all these problems.  Please keep praying.

Koltyn Gafford

  • We have now set up a account at Florida Parishes Bank For Koltyn !!! The account is in the name of Koltyn Gafford !! I am asking Koltyn’ s Prayer Warriors to go buy the Amite, Hammond, or Ponchatoula branch , and make a donation to help Koltyn !!! This little boy is fighting so hard, lets continue to help him !! Thanks Friends, and Koltyn Prayer Warriors, I LOVE U ALL FOR HELPING            KOLTYN !!
  • T-shirts are also available – Got to “Prayers for Koltyn” on Facebook if you wish to place an order.
  • I’ll post today’s update when the family writes one for today.  In the meantime, please check “Prayers for Koltyn” on Facebook.  I’ll post for those who don’t do Facebook.

Dorothy Anne McDaniel Rader

Born: January 16, 1933
Died: December 31, 2014

Frozen Food – If you have some frozen means, fresh frozen fruit or vegetables, or even something fresh like greens from your garden and are willing to share, please bring them to my classroom in the morning.  Bless someone with your abundance.

Hatchels – The Hatchels are safely back in Virginia after driving Thursday and Friday.  Thank you for your kind words to them and about them as well as the love offering which is now in the mail to them.  You are such an encouragement to them and to us!

Operation Christmas Child 2015 – Look for the poster and table in the hallway by the kitchen.

  1. Take a bag.
  2. Fill it as written.
  3. Return the bag to the containers by the table during this month.
  4. Plan to get a new bag to fill each month for ten months.
  5. Plan to help pack the shoeboxes so they can be shipped to children around the world.

Friday Morning Bible Study 

  • We will resume this on January 9th at 10:00 with Huldah.  (You probably don’t know much about her which is a good reason to join us.  She teaches us a good lesson in integrity.)
  • Read 2 Kings 22:14-20 and 2 Chronicles 34:22-33.
  • Get a study guide from me at church in the morning or any time next week.

Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions

Devotional, Scripture, Quote, and Songs

  • “I am Redeemed”
  • Sing to the Lord, bless His name;                                                                   proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day.                                                                                                                   ~Psalm 96:2~                         Those He redeemed from the hand of the foe,                                                 those He gathered from the lands,                                                               from east and west, from north and south.”                                                                                                                ~Psalm 107:2~
  • “The good news of the gospel is too good to keep to ourselves.”                                                                                                       ~Our Daily Bread~
  • “People Need the Lord” –                                                                                                         “Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It” –

Baptist Press –

Read the Bible in One Year –  Matthew 8-10

It’s never too late to begin.

Are you redeemed?  If not, read today’s Scriptures and talk with someone who can guide you in the right direction.  Redemption gets you a first-class ticket to heaven.  It doesn’t cost you a dime.  The ride is better and the destination is guaranteed!

Anna Lee


“Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth.

The former things will not be remembered,

nor will they come to mind.

~Isaiah 65:17 NIV~


God is still working in Jadon’s life.  He has now been SEIZURE FREE for THREE YEARS!  I thank God for this miracle and the testimony his family is so free to share.  I got to give his mother another hug Sunday and watch Jadon at play for a couple minutes.  God has been so faithful to this family as they have been faithful to Him!

Continue to pray for Koltyn and his family.  They have received a tremendous amount of prayer and financial support from their friends and community.  I thank God for all those you are praying and working for this special cause.

Please remember Mrs. Hazel Smith in your prayers.  She’s scheduled for surgery Monday in Hammond.

Please also remember Mr. Bobby Lawson in your prayers.  He is at home.

Check out the Operation Christmas Child Facebook page to see photos of children around the world as they receive their “shoeboxes”.  Read the stories and have your heart blessed.  FBC, Kentwood will begin Operation Christmas Child 2015 Sunday.  You, as individuals or groups, will have the opportunity for the next ten months to bring suggested items for the shoeboxes that will be packed at the for 2015.  Check out the OCC center in the fellowship hall at church.  Take the first step by selecting a bag.  Fill it as indicated and return it within the month of January.

Sunday is also frozen food day.  Bring quart size bags of frozen food to my classroom before Sunday School.  The food will be distributed to families that day!

Hope Center will be open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 – 5:00 and Saturday from 9:00 – 1:00.  Let me know if you would like to volunteer on a regular basis or periodically.  I’ll get you on the schedule.

Devotional, Scriptures, and Songs

  • “Where are You? –
  • The Lord God . . . said to him,                                                                             “Where are you?”                                                                                                                                      ~Genesis 3:9~                                                                                                                                                                                                                             God, be merciful to me a sinner!                                                                                                                    ~Luke 18:13~                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Though your sins are like scarlet,                                                                         they shall be white as snow.                                                                                                                             ~Isaiah 1:18~             
    They have washed their robes                                                                                  and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.                                                                                                       ~ Revelation 7:14~
  • “There is Power in the Blood” –                                                                                                                                                                                               “Jesus Paid it All” –

I trust you are counting your blessings/answered prayers/etc. each day and hope you are keeping a jar of them to add to daily.  How wonderful it will be to look back on them at the end of 2015.  My jar simply says “2015”.  I hope you get started if you have not already done so.

Daily Bible Reading

  •  Friday, January 23, 2015
  • Prophecy & Revelation
  • Isaiah 18-22

Anna Lee

Bible Reading Plan for 2015

I have chosen the following Bible reading plan for 2015.  You can print out the list of readings for the year or have them emailed to you daily.  You can also choose the version of the Bible you prefer.  I hope you will join me with this plan or another one of your choice.  Let’s dig in again this year.

Today’s reading – Job 7-8