“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro

throughout the whole earth,

to show Himself strong

on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”

~2 Chronicles 16:9a, NKJV~


Koltyn Gafford (Written by his dad)

Sorry for not doing updates as much trying too get things in order again.. Koltyn is doing well in therapy, still have a long road but he is working hard, he is adjusting being at home, I think he knows he is at home cause he knows between his bed and his mama and daddy’s bed which he loves to sleep in every night and we don’t mind that at all! Brother and sister are very happy that we are all home together! I want to thank everyone who has been bringing us food every night! Thank you so very much!! Continue to keep praying for Koltyn as he still works very hard on the road to recovery!!!

Please say special prayers for Anne N. Ellzey of Roseland and her family.

Sherry Day received a “less than the best” medical reports yesterday.  Pray for strength and encouragement for her and her family,

Pray for future missionaries as they leave for a big city for “hands on” training.

Annie Armstrong Missions Offering – More about Annie

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Unexpected Encounter” –  http://odb.org
  • The Lord repay your work,                                                                                                                  and a full reward be given you                                                                                                            by the Lord God of Israel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Ruth 2:12~
  • “Be Ye Doers of the Word”  

Thom Rainer –  http://thomrainer.com

Baptist Pressbpnews.net

Read the Bible in 2015

Be  thankful today.  Do the things God leads you to do.  Be a Ruth!

Anna Lee


Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel.

Since the first day that you set your mind

to gain understanding

and to humble yourself before your God,

your words were heard,

and I have come in response to them.

~Daniel 10:12~


Devotional, Scriptures, & a Song

  • “Cat Gate” – http://odb.org
  • I am the door.                                                                                                                                                  If anyone enters by Me,                                                                                                                            he will be saved,                                                                                                                                                  and will go in and out                                                                                                                                         and find pasture.                                                                                                                                                                           ~John 10:9~                                                                                                                                                        If anyone would come after Me,                                                                                                                he must deny himself                                                                                                                               and take up his cross                                                                                                                                 and follow Me.”                                                                                                                                                 ~Matthew 16:24~
  • “The Way of the Cross Leads Home” –                         http://cyberhymnal.org/htm/w/a/waycross.htm

Annie Armstrong Offering for North America

“Who is Annie?” http://anniearmstrong.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Who-Is-Annie.pdf

Read the Bible in 2015 – Genesis 36-39

Have a great day.

Anna Lee


I trust you moved your clocks forward last night.  If not, do so now and get moving!



“[God’s] intent was that now,

through the church,

the manifold wisdom of God

should be made known.”

(Ephesians 3:10 NIV)


Faye Campbell Pike

Read the Bible in 2015 

 Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • “Pursuing Holiness” – http://odb.org/
  • Pursue peace with all people,                                                                                     and holiness,                                                                                                                     without which no one will see the Lord.                                                                                                                      ~Hebrews 12:14~
  • “Holy, Holy ,Holy” – http://www.hymnsite.com/lyrics/umh064.sht

Annie Armstrong Mission Offering 

Week of Prayer for North American Missions & Annie Armstrong Easter Offering:
When people give to the offering, 100 percent of their gift will be transformed into missionary salaries and ministry supplies. Those missionaries and supplies will help others hear the message of Christ and respond in faith to His offer of salvation.

 Have a great Lord’s Day!

Anna Lee















He guides the humble in what is right

and teaches them his way.

~Psalm 25:9~


Julia Irene Bryant (Prescott) Forrest, 77, of Kentwood, LA., died peacefully on March 4, 2015 after a 24 year struggle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Born April 26, 1937 in Lexie, MS., she was preceeded in death by her parents, Burlin R. and Pauline (Bond) Bryant, her brother and only sibling, Burlin “Randy” Bryant, and her loving husband, Robert Dale Forrest.

Julia was Kentwood’s Town Clerk for 42 years. Ask anyone and they will tell you that she was the backbone of City Hall. Things could not get done without her. She retired to enjoy country living with her husband, Dale. She was a member of Kentwood First Baptist Church, an avid reader, loved sewing and computers. But her greatest pleasure was the time she spent with her family and she gave her love abundantly to her grandchildren.

Survivors include her son, Richard, Jr. “Ricky” & Jill (Scioneaux) Prescott, two daughters, Raine P. Himel and Ronde P. Newman;  stepson, Craig & Pam (Cook) Forrest, and stepdaughter, Kathy Dale Forrest; ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Julia’s loving and generous spirit continues to touch lives. It was her desire that, when she passed on, her body would be donated to science. There will be a  Celebration of Life for family & friends at Kentwood First Baptist Church on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 9:00-11:00a.m. with a memorial service at 11:00a.m.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Michael Stern Parkinson’s Research Foundation, 1115 Broadway, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10010 or online at http://www.parkinsoninfo.org/donate.
Condolences may be left in Julia’s online memorial at http://www.forevermissed.com/julia-bryant-forrest/

The family wishes to extend their gratitude to St. Helena Parish Nursing Home for Julia’s care, Community Hospice and Professional Funeral Services for their support in her final days.


Friday Morning Bible Study – not meeting today!

Annie Armstrong Missionary

Read the Bible in 2015

Devotional, Scripture, and a Prayer



“Yours, LORD, is the greatness

and the power and the glory

and the splendor and the majesty,

for everything in the heavens

and on earth belongs to You.

Yours, LORD, is the kingdom,

and You are exalted as head over all.”

~1 Chronicles 29:11, HCSB~


Mrs. Mildred Birch got good reports yesterday.  Continue to keep her in your prayers as she resumes her normal life.

Mrs. Nancy Birch continues to search for answers.  Please continue to pray for her.

Read the BIble in 2015Isaiah 51-55

Annie Armstrong Week of Prayer Missionary

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

  • Lessons from a Fence –  http://odb.org/2012/10/14/lessons-from-a-fence/
  • Whoever hears these sayings of Mine,                                                                          and does them,                                                                                                                          I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock.                                                                                                                        ~Matthew 7:24~
  • The Wise Man and the Foolish Man http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/The_Wise_Man_and_the_Foolish_Man/

The associational WMU Week of Prayer Emphasis for Annie Armstrong will be Monday, March 16th at Montpelier Baptist Church.  The 10:00 A.M. meeting will be followed by a potluck lunch.  I hope many of you will be able to attend.

Keep praying for others during another cold weather time  of 2015.  

Anna Lee

Thursday Morning

 If my people,

who are called by my name,

will humble themselves and pray

and seek my face

and turn from their wicked ways,

then will I hear from heaven

and will forgive their sin

and will heal their land.

~2 Chronicles 7:14~

Cathy Russell spent a night in North Oaks for observation.  While at the hospital to visit Cathy, her mother, Nita R. Miller, fell in the hallway.  Please pray for Cathy and Nita as well as their family members checking on them.

Mrs. Annie Bell Harrell has been “checked out” and is doing okay.  Thank-you for your prayers for her.

Mrs. Mildred Birch made it home yesterday, but is on the road for two appointments in Baton Rouge today.

Mrs. Julia B. P. Forrest passed away.  Her service will be Saturday morning, March 14th, at FBC, Kentwood.

Read the Bible in 2015

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

No Friday morning Bible study this week!

Time change Sunday – Set you clocks AHEAD one hour.

Operation Christmas Child – You have the opportunity to purchase items for the shoeboxes for needy children.  Check the table in the hallway across from the kitchen at FBC, K.  You can get a bag or several bags to fill and return to the same area.  New items have been added for the month of March.
Annie Armstrong Missions Offering 
Pray for the world situations and leaders in various countries.  Some leaders are elected and some are not.  Choose the ones God wants you to follow.


Do not be quick with your mouth,

do not be hasty in your heart

to utter anything before God.

God is in heaven and you are on earth,

so let your words be few.

Ecclesiastes 5:2

Baptist Pressbpnews. net

  • WEEK OF PRAYER: An immigrant mindset in Toronto
  • Netanyahu: Iran poses world’s ‘greatest danger’
  • CP 4.81 percent ahead of projection
  • CP ‘a tool to obey the Great Commission’
  • ‘I would hug him,’ says florist of gay accuser
  • Bill to slash slavery gains quickly in Senate
  • Tennessee Temple to close, merge with Piedmont
  • FROM THE STATES: S.C., Fla., Texas evangelism/missions news; ‘We need to share Jesus every day where we live’
  • First-Person – FIRST-PERSON: Nurturing new churches
  • MOVIES: Redeeming the art


Annie Armstrong Offering for North American mission work



Read the Bible in 2015Psalm 24 – 26


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Pray for all those struggling to survive in these weather conditions.  Thank God for the blessing and comforts you have.

Pray for all those whose lives and way of life are threatened around the world.  Thank God for His peace and love.

Pray for all those who have heartaches in our community.  The last three months have had more families with heartaches than I can remember.

Anna Lee