“Your love for one another

will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

~John 13:35 NLT~

Mrs. Fay Faller is home, but still undergoing tests.  Thank God for the lovely life she lived for so many years.

Jim Walley is home following surgery.  Pray he recuperates well as he waits for biopsy results.

Frances Gay has shingles again.  Pray she will not suffer a great deal and that they go away soon.

Pray for Dan Turner as he makes the adjustment to living at home again.  Pray for his caregivers to adjust to the new environment.

90 Days of Bible Readings: Day 38

Job 25:1 – Job 41:34

Human Needs Ministries: World Hunger Fund

May you allow Him to lead you today on His day!

Anna Lee