Tuesday Morning

‎”Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly;

and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” 

~ Corinthians 9:6~

Continue to pray for Mr. Gordon Price.  He will be leaving rehab soon.  Pray for his caregivers too.

Mr. Robert Frohn’s surgery went well today.  If he does well tonight, he may be able to return home tomorrow.  Keep praying for him and for “Miss” Jennie.

Dan Turner may be able to be released from the rehab hospital in a couple weeks.  He will continue rehab when he gets home.  Pray for his family as they have been with him since the accident.  Pray for rest for each one of them.

Mr. Billy Travis, a resident of the 6th Ward, passed away Monday night.  Please be in prayer for “Miss” Doris and the other members of the family.

90 Days of Bible Readings – Day 26

1 Kings 16:21 – 2 Kings 4:37

IMB – Fastest Office on Four Wheels


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Do something small that is gigantic to someone else.  

Anna Lee