Don’t lose sight of my words.

Let them penetrate deep within your heart,

for they bring life and radiant health

to anyone who discovers their meaning.

~Proverbs 4:21-22 (NLT)~



From Charlene Blades

  • Please keep Billy Travis in your prayers. Also pray for his entire family as they tend to his needs.He is in North Oaks. He had issue with some bloood clots. He is better but still in the hospital.
  • A very dear and special lady, Tammy Ott, passed away yesterday. Please pray for the family as they mourn and prepare for the days ahead.  Tammy is married to Kerry Ott, she has two wonderful sons, Sawyer and Trustin.

(Tammy’s death notice is in the Enterprise Journal, but the arrangements are listed as incomplete.  ala)

Dan Turner is progressing very well in rehab.  Yesterday, he walked on his own, without a supporting harness.

Emme Brabham had the wires removed from her jaws yesterday.  She continues to progress.  Thankfully, she will now be able to eat without having to use a straw!

Jadon’s Story – We have another update on Jadon.


Today, I’m going to begin a series from the IMB suitable for students.  If you have a child or grandchild who is of that age, you may want to send this story to them as an email or a text.


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Enjoy some sunshine and some Sonshine today!

Anna Lee